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TEMA - Department of Thematic Studies



TEMA - a unique academic environment for thematically structured, interdisciplinary and practical societal research that takes place between and beyond the boundaries of disciplines. We combine strong research with education assignments, in which we also engage organisations and bodies from outside the academy. We educate our students and new researchers in critical, creative and innovative thinking for the benefit of science as well as the development of society.



research news

Major environmental social science initiative receives total of 40 million

trädLinköping University has been awarded another SEK 20 million to create a world-leading programme in interdisciplinary social and environmental research. One thing the money will go towards is research about chemical weapons that have been dumped in the bottom of the Baltic Sea. “This is the biggest ever investment in the humanities in Sweden. The fact that we have received this funding shows that the perspective of the environment and human society is important. We need to have a deeper discussion about the role of man in nature and what role nature plays for humans,” says Cecilia Åsberg, associate professor and head of Gender Studies at the Department of Thematic Studies, who is in charge of the initiative and will head the new programme.

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Factory waste becomes biogas

At the BillerudKorsnäs works in Frövi and Rockhammar, trials are currently underway to make use of the organic material in waste streams to produce biogas. For the plant, this would mean dramatic reductions in electricity costs and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Who’s who in the climate change debate?

Industrial fatalist, green Keynesian, eco-socialist or climate change sceptic? A new book from Jonas Anshelm, researcher at Linköping University, clarifies who’s who in the climate debate.

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