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TEMA - Department of Thematic Studies



TEMA - a unique academic environment for thematically structured, interdisciplinary and practical societal research that takes place between and beyond the boundaries of disciplines. We combine strong research with education assignments, in which we also engage organisations and bodies from outside the academy. We educate our students and new researchers in critical, creative and innovative thinking for the benefit of science as well as the development of society.



research news

Discourse and dance during gender conference

Research and revels, can they be combined? Indeed they can, according to the organisers of the g16 conference. Not only researchers from all round the world, but also Linköping residents are invited to several events in association with the conference, 23-25 November. Article in full

Trump and bureaucracy challenge when the Paris Agreement is discussed in Marrakesh

The Paris Agreement came into force on 4 November, much sooner than many people believed. But it’s not just the various parties to the agreement who are preparing for the first meeting after it was reached: five LiU researchers and a master’s student are getting ready to travel to Marrakesh for the negotiations, 7-18 November. Article in full

High-quality doctoral studies

Our doctoral studies have not been reviewed by the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) for several years; a new round is therefore being planned. But UKÄ has jumped the gun with a pilot group to test the new evaluation model. Among those in the starting gate was the Department of Thematic Studies - Technology and Social Change.

Article in full




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