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TEMA - Department of Thematic Studies



TEMA - a unique academic environment for thematically structured, interdisciplinary and practical societal research that takes place between and beyond the boundaries of disciplines. We combine strong research with education assignments, in which we also engage organisations and bodies from outside the academy. We educate our students and new researchers in critical, creative and innovative thinking for the benefit of science as well as the development of society.



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Knowledge as a power factor in global environmental research policy

bild på ola uhrqvistFor decades, researchers have been developing ever more complex models that predict and illustrate the consequences of global environmental changes, models that form the foundation of decisions about environmental policy. In the first thesis from the new Unit of Environmental Change Ola Uhrqvist shows how the models grew, took form and were shaped by contemporary thinking.

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Environmental Change has found its form

mattas och evaIt’s time to formally open the Unit of Environmental Change at the Department of Thematic Studies. It starts on 16 October with the first ever ”Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Change”, a series of public lectures presented by leading environmental researchers. First up is Dr Jill Jäger from the Sustainable Europe Research Institute in Vienna. She is a major authority in sustainability research and the ideal person to kickstart the new unit, by summarising what has been done in past decades – and exploring what remains to be done.

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Board of Tema (2014-11-04)
Thematic Forum (2014-11-26)
Board of Tema (2014-12-04)


Assess, Test or Terminate?

What future for climate engineering research?
Victoria Wibeck in panel session on the next decade of climate engineering research.

2.5 million in research funding

Kajsa Ellegård, Professor of Technology and Social Change, has received 2.5 million to write a book about time geography in a global context.

Seven million crowns to Child Studies

Forte, Swedish Research Council for health, working life and welfare and the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society will provide funding for tree research research projects involving staff from Child Studies.

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