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TEMA - Department of Thematic Studies

TEMA - The Department of Thematic Studies provides a unique institutional framework committed in its pursuit of interdisciplinary research to be of vital social and environmental importance in thematic fields of knowledge between and beyond disciplinary boundaries. We act as an interface helping to meld research excellence with educational pursuits, actively involving other societal and stakeholder interests. We foster our students and junior researchers with the capacity to become experts through creative and synergetic thinking at the frontiers of scientific and societal development.

Said about Tema

“The faculty competence was excellent and helpful for different approaches and disciplines which enriched my research. The challenge was to find time to reflect and “digest” all the inputs and to research and write more.” Visiting Researcher 2010

“I would also like to mark a very supportive, encouraging and often almost informal atmosphere at Tema, which contributes to a comfortable social climate and a constructive dialog.” Visiting Researcher 2010

“High quality work and discussions—most productive and enjoyable.” Visiting Researcher 2010

“During my stay I gave a range of seminars, informal talks and conference papers and felt there was a high level of engagement in each area. More importantly, the grad and post grad students with whom I was in contact were very comfortable in taking an active part in mixed level events—even in areas beyond there own immediate research interests.” Visiting Researcher 2010

“I not only did what I had planned, but have developed several collaborative projects with other fellows.” Visiting Researcher 2010

”I very much appreciated the ability to spend time with so many productive scholars. The mix of generations made the conversations vibrant. I made at least one new lifelong friend, and developed several collegial connections! Thank you!” Visiting Researcher 2010

“I congratulate TEMA for the stimulating and congenial environment for scholarship.” Visiting Researcher 2010

“I congratulate TEMA for the stimulating and congenial environment for scholarship.” Visiting Researcher 2010

“I found Tema to be a very congenial place for a visiting scholar. Faculty, doctoral students, and staff were friendly and very welcoming and supportive.” Visiting Researcher 2010

“I worked in Tema Genus but met others from the wider research community and felt there was a very positive intellectual ambience throughout. In Tema Genus the goal of interdisciplinarity was broadly achieved and provided some intriguing encounters. I felt it was a source of real intellectual strength.” Visiting Researcher 2010


TEMA_Child_col.jpgChild Studies is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on issues regarding children, childhood and family in history and society.
Education in Child Studies 
TEMA_Gender_col.jpgGender Studies is an inter- and transdisciplinary research unit focusing on issues regarding gender in history and society.
Education in Gender Studies
TEMA_Technology_col.jpgTechnology and Social Change is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on how social actors create and exploit technology, and how technical change is woven together with the economy in history and society. Education in Tema T 
TEMA_Water_col.jpgWater and Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on issues regarding water supply, sustainable development, climate change and food in history and society.
Education in Tema W 


Head of department

Roger KlinthWould like to thank all the employees at Tema for a job well done in 2013! The crowning touch was of course the confirmations we got in mid-December when the Swedish Research Council awarded the department a total of 76 million. The fact that Tema was awarded two of a total of 14 grants that went to promising young scholars can hardly be interpreted as anything other than evidence of the department’s position as one of the most important nurseries for future national and international top scientists. The recent recruitment of the internationally leading researcher Professor Steve Woolgar from Oxford University is a further confirmation of Tema’s status as a world-class research environment. Needless to say, it feels like a great privilege to lead an organization with such qualities. Happy New Year /Roger Klinth, Head of the Department




Department Board (2014-05-06)

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Roger Klinth
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Björn-Ola Linnér

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