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The Department Board

The Department Board is responsible for ensuring that the department's tasks are carried out in accordance with both the general instructions determined by the University Board and the delegations and instructions issued by the Vice-Chancellor.

The department's director is the chair and the Board meets once per month.


Members 2014

Per Gyberg

Carin Ennergård
+ 46 13 282114

Other members

Teachers with scientific skills
Asta Cekaite
Corinna Kruse
Teresia Svensson
Sofie Storbjörk
Cecilia Åsberg

Representatives of social and professional occupations
Malin Axelsson, Ung scen Öst    

Operational support
Elisabeth Samuelsson             

Students / graduate students
Jonathan Josefsson
Josefin Thoresson
Jesper Agrelius

Camilla Junström Hammar
Anne-Li Silberk


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