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Children's Rights: origins, normativity, transformations and prospects

About three decades after the introduction of the United Nations Convention on The Rights of the Child, children’s rights have to a certain extent gained hegemonic status in policy making and a wide range of social and political practices on children and childhood. This conference brings together scholars from various disciplines to address the historical origins, the normative foundations, transformations and prospects of children’s rights. What will such inquiries implicate for current political challenges and child related policies and how can it critically engage with the current focus on implementation of children’s rights?  

Time and place

Vadstena June 6th to 9th  2016

The conference is generously financed by the The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (www.rj.se) and The Department of Thematic Studies - Child Studies (http://www.tema.liu.se/tema-b), Linköping University





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