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Child and Teen Consumption 2010

Child and Teen Consumption 2010

- Interdisciplinarity, theory and practice -


This conference aims to establish and continue a dialogue between specialists from a variety of academic disciplines in order to explore the phenomenon of children and teens as consumers in today’s society.

The first international conference was held at the European Centre for Children’s Products, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Poitiers, France 2004. The conference hosted 200 participants representing researchers and practitioners as well as students. Due to the success of this first meeting, it was agreed to make this a biannual event. The Copenhagen Business School hosted the second conference 2006 and the Norwegian Centre for Child Research the third 2008. The Department of Child Studies at Linköping University in Sweden now welcomes you to join us in creating a tradition worthy of the growing academic interest in the field.

The conference will take place June 21-23, 2010, at the beautiful historical industrial settings of Campus Norrköping.

Structure: Panels and sessions with commentators.

Language: English.

Submission of abstracts for session proposals, individual papers, (around 1000 words) and newly published book sessions, October 2, 2009. NEW DEADLINE, NOVEMBER 20, 2009.

Submission of full papers, May 1, 2010. PROLONGED DEADLINE MAY 21, 2010.



Dear Conference participants,
please note that it is preferable if you upload your papers as Pdf.

!!!!!! 2010-05-21 !!!!!!!!
The deadline for full papers has been prolonged to the 21th of May 2010.

The conference will start June 21, at 13.00 (1 pm), and will end June 23, approximately at 18.00 (6 pm).


!!!!Notification to the authors regarding acceptance has unfortunately been delayed. Information about acceptance will be notified at the latest on February the 5th. !!!!

Thanks for all the abstracts we have received. The process of blind-reviewing has now started and will be ready at the end of January. We wish you all Happy Holidays!


!!!!!! 2009-09-27 !!!!!!!!
The deadline for call for papers has been prolonged to the 20th of November 2009.

Next year (2010) twenty-five years have passed since Viviana Zelizer published her book “Pricing the Priceless Child”. Therefore we will try to organize a special session with works specifically using Zelizer. If you are interested in presenting in such a session please mark that on your abstract.

We are happy to inform that the keynote speakers for the conference are ready. Please look under the heading Keynote speakers for more information. All keynotes will also participate in the scientific committee.

It is now possible to submitt session proposals and single abstracts. For instructions use the links to the left.

The fees for participating in the conference have now been published under the heading Conference fees.

We have received questions about historical perspectives on the conference. We would like to emphasize that we welcome historical and comparative papers/sessions, as well as papers on policy issues and consumer practices.

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