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Ph D exchange program - Linköping University, Sweden and Rutgers University-Camden, USA


The exchange program 2014-2015


The Ph D exchange program involves Child Studies (tema Barn), LiU and Childhood Studies, Rutgers—Camden (RUC). Both project partners offer PhD programs within the field of interdisciplinary child and childhood studies, and both have similar ambitions to further develop their Ph D training by strengthening the international dimension of the programs. In the course of the following year two Ph D students from each place will visit the other department for a total of four weeks. The Swedish Ph D students will stay at Rutgers-Camden for four weeks in October 2014, while the American Ph D students stay at Child Studies, LiU, in April 2015.

Child Studies (tema Barn), a unit at the Department of Thematic Studies, at LiU, was founded 1988 and a group of new doctoral students have been accepted about every other or third year. Accordingly a new group of candidates were recruited in the fall of 2013, starting their studies in January 2014. Since the start of the PhD program in Child Studies, about 50 PhD students have published their doctoral dissertations. The doctoral training has been very successful, with a great majority of former doctoral students having successful careers as lecturers or researchers.

The partner institution in this exchange project, the Department of Childhood Studies at Rutgers University-Camden, opened its doors in the fall of 2007 as the first PhD-granting program in the interdisciplinary field of its kind in North America, graduating its first PhDs (3) in May 2013. Since that time the graduate program has grown steadily in reputation and accomplishments, with doctoral students regularly presenting research at national and international conferences, and publishing work in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes.

The exchange program has an overarching aim to increase a general awareness of international dimensions of child and childhood studies. Furthermore, a more specific aim is to create a solid ground for Ph D students to develop future international collaboration as trained child and childhood researchers. Rutger's University provide economical support to the exchange program, within the frame of a broader effort to encourage further internationalization of Rutgers’s Ph D curriculum. Formal agreements between the universities are being prepared.



Professor, Child studies, LiU
Karin Zetterqvist Nelson
E-mail:  karin.zetterqvist.nelson@liu.se

Professor, Childhood Studies, RuC
Lynne Vallone
E-mail: vallone@camden.rutgers.edu

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