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Research at Child Studies

All research at the unit involves interdisciplinary and thematic studies of children and childhood, covering different arenas such as:

  • Tema B puffchildren, philanthropy and welfare agencies, and constructions of childhood in the modern welfare state
  • children’s health, social welfare, well-being, in historical and contemporary contexts
  • children’s visual culture, children and social media, and images of childhood
  • parenthood, family life, child-rearing, and socialization processes
  • children, institutions, communicative practices and interaction
  • children in school, preschool, and organized play practices
  • children in war, experts, and the circulation of professional knowledge
  • children, migration, children’s rights, and the Swedish welfare state
  • children's interactions and socialization.

There is a focus on real life issues that matter in applied contexts. At the same time, all research is oriented to contemporary critical theorizing on childhood and children’s life conditions.

Methodologically, the research of the department covers a broad range of qualitative approaches such as:

  • archival work
  • interviewing (focus groups, groups, and individuals)
  • participant observations and ethnography
  • audio and video recordings of naturally occurring practices
  • documentation of children’s drawings and visual practices.

Discursive approaches are used in analysis of texts and documents of various sorts, including media material. Moreover, interactional analysis is used in studies of various communicative practices.

All research at the department is in different ways oriented to capture ”children’s perspective”, either as a participant or as a category.

Over the years, Child Studies has established itself as an international center of excellence in the area of child studies and childhood theory. Scholars at the department are intimately engaged in different international networks and serve on the editorial boards of international journals.


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