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Foster children in the local community

Regional and local variations in Swedish foster child care 1900-2000 (Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research 2007-2012)


Foster care has had a prominent role in the history of Swedish social child welfare. It is well known that many children that have been taken in to custody were moved from cities to become foster children in rural areas. However, it has been less explored how these migrations were organized and where in Sweden children have been placed. This project addresses the regional variation of foster care and focuses especially on what consequences these differences may have had for children. The aim of the project was to study the foster children in relation to local communities. The timeline of the project stretches from late nineteenth century to late twentieth century.



Project duration: 2011-2014

Funder: Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research

Contact person:

Johanna Sköld
+46 13 28 29 10


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