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Profiteers of shame

Baby farmers and private midwifery as a female livelihood (The Foundation of Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius 2007-2012)

This project study how the stigma of unwed mothers created markets around the extramarital reproduction in the nineteenth and early twentieth centruies. Unwed mothers often had to hire foster mothers as care givers for their children and sometimes unwed mothers also gave birth to their children in a discrete envoirenment in order to aviod stigma. The aim of the project is to examine whether moral beliefs about reproduction on the one hand, and the costs of reproduction on the other, creates markets for discreet care of illegitimate children and unwed mothers and how the view of private profit in reproductive health has changed over time.


Project duration:

Funder: Wallanderstipendium från Handelsbanken

Contact person:
Johanna Sköld
+46 13 28 29 10


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