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Ongoing project on Child Studiesbarn bar



Psychiatrization of Childhood? Child psychiatric expertise in Swedish media, public broadcast and on the Internet 1968-2008.

Period:   2015-2018
Funding:    Forte, 2,8 milj
Principal investigator:    Professor Karin Zetterqvist Nelson, tema Barn, Linköpings universitet.
Participants:   doktorand Peter Skagius, tema Barn, professor Anne-Li Lindgren, SU


Limits of State Responsibility. Redress to Victims of Historical Child Abuse in Out-of-home Care

Period:   2014-2017
Funding:    Forte
Principal investigator:    Biträdande universitetslektor Johanna Sköld, tema Barn, Linköpings universitet.


En professionaliserad röst för barnen? BRIS och det nya samhällskontraktet mellan stat och civilsamhälle

Principal investigator:    Universitetslektor Karin Osvaldsson Cromdal, tema Barn, Linköpings universitet.
Participant: Biträdande universitetslektor Johanna Sköld, tema Barn, Linköpings universitet


Communicating emotions, embodying morality: A sociocultral perspective on affective and moral socialization in families and in early education

Period:   2014-2019
Funding:    VR, 18 mlj.
Principal investigator:    Professor Asta Cekaite, tema Barn, Linköpings universitet.


Family learning - an intervention aiming to increase children's wellbeing

Period:   2014-2015
Funding:  Vårdalstiftelsen (and Stiftelsen Frimurarbarnhuset, and Stiftelsen Majblomman)
Principal investigator:  Assistent professor Disa Bergnér, Child Studies, Linköping University
Participants:   Mats Mikiver, Linköpings kommun


New homes in Sweden – the evacuation of Finnish war children during WWII:  notions of child-parent separations and the public's willingness to help in light of Swedish politics of neutrality

Period:  2013-2015
Funding:   FAS
Principal investigators:   Dr. Ann Nehlin, History department, Stocholm university and Professor Karin Zetterqvist Nelson, Child Studies, Linköping university
Participants:   Assistent professor Johanna Sköld, Child Studies, Linköping university, Associate professor Ingrid Söderlind, ISV, Linköping university

An Improved Smile: how adolescents and orthodontics create corrected bites

Period:  2013-2015
Funded by the Swedish Research Council
Principal investigator:  Dr Anette Wickström, Child Studies, Linköpings university

Culture for and by children: A visual ethnographic study of Children's museums, Theme parks, Amusement parks and Science Centres

Period:  2010-2014
Funded by the Swedish Research Council
Principal investigator:   Professor Anna Sparrman, Child Studies, Linköping university
Participants:  Associate professor Anne-Li Lindgren, Gender Studies, Linköping university, Dr. Tobias Samuelsson, Child Studies, Linköping university, Ph.D. student David Cardell, Child Studies, Linköping university. Professor Kajsa Ellegård, Technolocy and Social Change, Linköping university

Inquiries into child abuse and neglect in institutions and foster homes: a comparative perspective on the international history of children in out-of-home care

Period:  2011-2014
Funding:   Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research
Principal investigator:  Assistent professor Johanna Sköld, Child Studies, Linköping university

Online social counseling

Period:  2011-2014
Funding:   Stockholms stad
Principal investigator:  Assistent professor Karin Osvaldsson Cromdal, Child Studies, Linköping university





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