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Culture for and by children.




Interview with the project participants at the LiU-web: Culture and Consumtion the most important elements in amusement parks,  in LiU 2013-10-07.


A visual ethnographic study of Children¿s museums, Theme parks, Amusement parks and Science Centres

This project focuses on cultural institutions with activities for children; children¿s museums, theme- and amusement parks, and Science Centres. These places, or events, attract millions of visitors every year and they combine entertainment and learning as well as consumption and cultural experiences and knowledge. What they have in common is that they use visual culture in order to communicate with children and their families of different ages, gender and ethnicity. Visual culture makes it possible to communicate not only regardless of reading skills, but more importantly, beyond language barriers. The cultural practices under study are produced mainly by adults for children. This present project aims at increasing knowledge about how children themselves create meanings and understandings of the cultural practices they engage in. The project takes a starting point in a international setting. The theoretical and methodological approach is visual culture and visual ethnography and it will be combined with child studies. Beside visual studies of the actual practices children engage in, the project will also examine the ideological foundations of children¿smuseums, theme- and amusement parks and Science Centres at a policy level. The project aims to investigate how cultural heritageand consumption are intertwined in children¿s cultures, i.e. how culture for children becomes culture by children: What is culture forchildren, and on whose terms is it produced and consumed?


Project duration: 2010-2014

Funder: Vetenskapsrådet (VR), Hum-Sam, Rambidrag för kulturforskning (HS-KulRam)

Contact person:

Anna Sparrman
+46 13 28 29 64




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