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Bergnehr, Disa & Zetterqvist Nelson, Karin. Where’s the child? A methodological exploration of children’s perspectives and child perspectives in research on health-promoting interventions in the schools. Presented at the NERA-conference, 6-9 March 2013, Iceland.

Bergnéhr, Disa & Bernhardt, Eva. The non-modern child? Ambivalence about parenthood among young adults. Presented at the ESFR 2012 Conference, Families in a changing Europe: Challenges, conflicts and intervention, 26-29 September, Lillehammer, Norway.

Bergnéhr, Disa. What works? Evaluating a school-based intervention program with qualitative methods when 'evidence' dominates the discourse. Presented at the ESA Research Network 20 Midterm Conference, Curiosity and serendipity – a conference on qualitative methods in the social sciences, 20-21 September 2012, Lund University, Sweden.

Bergnehr, Disa. Barnet, hemmet och skolan i ett socioekonomiskt utsatt bostadsområde. Presented at the Swedish Network for Children and Youth Research, Norrköping, 23 August 2012.

Bergnéhr, Disa. ‘The multiethnic school in a deprived area: teachers’ notions of children and learning’. Presented at Children, Health and Well-Being, Department of Education, Stockholm University, 22 February 2012.

Bergnéhr, Disa. ‘What’s at stake? The delicacy of presenting research results to local decision-makers’. Presented at the conference Translating health related research into practice: issues and opportunities, BSA West Midlands Medical Sociology Group, Coventry University, 9 November 2011.

Bergnéhr, Disa och Bernhardt, Eva. ‘Costs and benefits of parenthood in Sweden: quantitative and qualitative evidence’. Presenterad på European Population Conference, Wien 1-4 september, 2010.

Bergnéhr, Disa. 'Naturen och det kompetenta barnet i Förskolan'. Presented at Natur - Kultur, ACSIS, Norrköping, July 15-17, 2009.

Bergnéhr, Disa. 'Auspicious childhood: images of the child, nature and outdoor environment in Förskolan, the magazine for Swedish preschool teachers'. Presented at The modern child and the flexible labour market: Exploring early childhood education and care, Trondheim, April 29-30, 2009.

Bergnehr, Disa. 'Timing parenthood in Sweden: Ideals and dilemmas'. Presented at the Up2Youth workshop, Young parenthood group, Lisboa 1-3 November, 2007.

Bergnehr, Disa. 'Becoming a mother and becoming a father: gender equality and biology'. Presented at the European Sociological Association Conference, Reasearch Network Families and Intimate Lives, Glasgow, 3-6 September, 2007.

Bergnehr, Disa. 'Deferring parenthood: Swedish focus group participants' talk about parenthood: strategies to maintain the relationship and the risks involved'. Paper presented at The Workshop on Children's Living Conditions and Transition to Adulthood, Demographic Unit (SUDA) & Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University, 22-23 May, 2006.

Bergnehr, Disa. 'The focus group method and demographic analysis: thematic and subject positioning approaches'. Presented at The XXV International Population Conference, Tours, 18-23 July, 2005.

Bergnehr, Disa. 'The transition to parenthood: A life style choice'. Presented at the 37th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology, Stockholm, 5-9 July, 2005.


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