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David Cardell

Master's degree, Culture and Mediaproduction, Linköping University, 2006

Licentiate degree, Sports Sciences, Malmö and Örebro Uni., 2009

Doctor, Child Studies, Linköping University, 2015

Research interest

  • Cultural theory, critical theory
  • Spectacular culture, such as events, amusement parks, theme parks
  • Sociology of childhood, sociology of emotions, happiness studies
  • Enactment/ANT/ontography


I have been working at Linköping University, the department of Thematic Studies - Child Studies, since 2009. My background is cultural studies and sports studies. I am mainly writing about event culture, leisure, sports and the culture industry. Critical child studies is an approach that I currently develop when thinking about happiness, children and childhood in relation to culture and society.

You will find my dissertation by clicking here.


ethnography, happiness, consumption, children, childhood, culture, practice

Publications, a selection

Lindgren, Anne-Li, Anna Sparrman, Tobias Samuelsson & David Cardell, ’Enacting (real) fiction: Materializing childhoods in a theme park’, in Childhood 22(2): 171-186, (2014).

Cardell, David, 'Tysta barn och talande robotar – om tema- och nöjesparksforskningens problem och barnstudiernas möjligheter', in Helander, Karin (ed. 2013). Nu vill jag prata! Barns röster i barnkulturen. Stockholm: Stockholms universitet förlag.

Cardell, David & Anna Sparrman ’Enacting Money at an Amusement Park’, in Anna Sparrman, Bengt Sandin & Johanna Sjöberg (ed. 2012). Situating child consumption: rethinking values and notions of children, childhood and consumption. Lund: Nordic Academic Press.

Cardell, David, 'The funzone and industrial play: the choreography of childhood spaces in a Swedish context', in Entertainment and Sports Law Journal (ESLJ) 8(1), 2010.

Cardell, David, Barndomens oas (licentiate thesis, Örebro, 2009)

Cardell, David, 'Pop-sportens fält', in Sociologisk Forskning 2008/2.













Telephone: 013-28 40 70
Fax: 013-28 29 00

E-mail: david.cardell@liu.se

Department of Thematic Studies -
Child Studies
Linköping university
SE-581 83 Linköping



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