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Children's moral and emotional socialization

My Phd project is a part of a reaserch project about children's moral and emotional socialization in Swedish pre-schoools and families, http://www.tema.liu.se/tema-b/forskning/pagaende/communicating-emotions-embodying-morality?l=en&sc=true




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Department of Thematic Studies -
Child Studies
Linköping university
SE-581 83 Linköping



About Child studies

Child Studies is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on issues regarding children, childhood and family in history and society. Education in Child Studies: under graduate level, master level, graduate level (Ph.D).

About Tema

The objective for Tema - The Department of Thematic Studies is to pursue excellent research and education at undergraduate and advanced levels relevant to society.

Child Studies
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Technology and social change
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