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Josefsson (2011) Master thesis: Ethical Challenges of the Multicultural Classroom - a teacher's ethical examination of Martha Nussbaum's theory of world citizenship education

Josefsson (2014) Children as Moral Subjects in Ethics of MigrationConference proceeding Ethics and Migration, Societas Ethica conference in Sibiue August 2012,  (http://www.ep.liu.se/ecp/097/013/ecp12097013.pdf)

Josefsson (2016) Children's Rights to Asylum and the Capability Approach. Ethical Perspectives 23(1):101-130.

Josefsson (2016 accepted) Children's Rights to Asylum in the Swedish Migration Court of Appeal. International Journal of Children's Rights.

Josefsson (2016 accepted), “We beg you, let them stay!”: right claims of asylum-seeking children as a socio-political practice, Childhood.


Josefsson (2014) Barndom och migration, Maren Bak och Kerstin von Brömssen red, Umeå: Boréa, 2013, Bokanmälan Tidsskriftet Barn, Spring 2014

Josefsson (2014) Skolan, demokratin och de unga medborgarna, Joakim Ekman och Lena Pilo, Malmö: Liber, 2012, Recension Sociologisk Forskning forthcoming Fall 2014 

Conference presentations:

Ethics and Migration, Societas Ethica conference in Sibiue August 2012, Abstract: The Moral Status of Children in Ethics of Migration

Nordic Network For Research on Refugee Children, November 2012, Abstract: Ethical Perspectives on The Best Interest of the Child in the Migration Court of Appeal

Climate Change, Sustainability and an Ethics of an Open Future, Societas Ethica conference in Soesterberg Netherlands August 2013, Abstract:The Best Interest of the Child in Times of Migration Management: A case study of decision making in the Swedish Migration Court of Appeal 

Netherlands Research School of Philosophy August 2013, Reciprocity and the Normative Foundations of Legal Orders, Abstract: Children at the Borders – discourse ethics, reciprocity and childrens right to admission

The Troublesome Children´s Rights, Workshop at the Department of Thematic Studies - Child Studies Linköping University May 2014, Abstract: Children´s rights to asylum - from utopia to apology

PHD Research Workshop on Global Childhoods, Childhood Studies - Rutgers University October 2014, paper presentation: The Right to Stay: public reactions to expulsion of asylum seeking children in Sweden

Global Justice, Societas Ethica Conference in Linköping August 2015, paper presentation:Right Claims in Public Critique against the Expulsion of Asylum Seeking Children in Sweden





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Child Studies is an interdisciplinary research unit focusing on issues regarding children, childhood and family in history and society. Education in Child Studies: under graduate level, master level, graduate level (Ph.D).

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