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Judith Lind


PhD at the Department of Thematic Studies
- Child Studies, Linköping, 2000.
BA (history), Linköping, 1994.

Research interests

- Definitions of culture, roots and background
- Assessments of parent potential
- The advent of intercountry adoption in Sweden

Children's rights

Family policies of the 20th century welfare state
- Sterilization and policies on birth control and parenthood in relation to
persons with intellectual disabilities
- Assisted reproduction
- Adoption

Childhood, normality and the welfare state in the 20th century:
- Special education
- Drug education programs

Research projects

Ursprungskultur och uppväxtkultur. Kulturens betydelse för internationellt adopterades hälsa och livskvalitet. (Culture of Origin and Culture of Living. The significance of culture for the health and quality of life of intercountry adoptees) Director: Judith Lind. Funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Förälder Godkänd. Normer för familj och föräldraskap i utredning och bedömning av adoptionssökande (Parent Approved. Norms of family and parenthood in assessments of adoption applicants) Director: Cecilia Lindgren. Funded by the Swedish Research Council.



”Det sinnesslöa skolbarnet. Undervisning, tvång och medborgarskap 1925-1954” (The feeble-minded schoolchild. Education, coercion and citizenship 1925-1954) (2000) Linköping Studies in Art and Science, Linköping

Selected publications:

Lind, Judith & Shruti Johansson (2009) “ Preservation of the child’s background in in- and intercountry adoption” i International Journal of Children’s Rights (forthcoming).

Lind, Judith (2008)“The best interest of the child as an argument in assessments of parent potential in Sweden” i International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, vol 22, nr 1.

Lind, Judith & Cecilia Lindgren (2007) "Roots trips. Intercountry adoption and cultural identity". Paper presented at the Society for the History of Children and Youth conferenc “In the Name of the Child”, June 27-30 2007, Norrköping Sweden.


jlsenior lecturer

Telephone: 013-28 29 01
Fax: 013-28 29 00

E-mail: judith.lind@liu.se

Department of Thematic Studies -
Child Studies
Linköping university
SE-581 83 Linköping


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