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Karin Osvaldsson Cromdal

Associate Professor, Child Studies

Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural Analysis, Linköping University, 2004
Postdoc Research Fellow, DARG, Loughborough University 2003-2004
Postdoctoral fellow at Dept of Child Studies, Linköping University 2002
PhD at Dept of Child Studies, Linköping University 2002
Certified Psychologist, 1993
Master in Psychology, Lund University 1991


Curriculum Vitae Karin Osvaldsson

Research interests

Starting off with an interest in Ethnomethodology (EM), Conversation Analysis (CA)  and Discursive Psychology (DP) my research has until now mostly dealt with talk and interaction concerning troubled youth in various institutional settings. My analyses often focus on participation, interaction, the local construction of identities and the possibilities for youth to make their own voices heard. More recent interests concern calls to emergency services and young peoples interaction with new technologies such as electronic noticeboards and chatroom communication.



Ongoing projects

A professionalized voice for the children? BRIS and the new contract between the state and the civil society

Project tim: 2015-2016

Funding:    Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor 1 100000:-
Together with Johanna Sköld, Child studies, Linköping University


Social counselling online. Stockholm City Council skr 749 345 skr. Dnr 3.2-0594/2011.


Concluded projects

Girls’ voices during assessment and treatment – How youth from different backgrounds are heard in interviews and written documents. Project with Karin Aronsson. The Swedish Social Sciences Research Council (SFR), Project numbers 97-0125:1C; and the Swedish National Board of Institutional Care (SiS), Project number U 97-3005-1.

Education and treatment in everyday communication at a treatment home for troubled female youth. Swedish council for working life and social research 2003-6077
Se http://www.fas.forskning.se/projekt/

Educational practice and everyday institutionality at a youth detention home.
Research project with Jakob Cromdal
http://www.liu.se/tema-b/Medarbetare/Cromdal Jakob.htm
Financed by the Committee for Education Research of the Swedish Research Council (VR 2003-4095))

"You¿re not alone It might just as well have been me writing that - Young people communicating psychological suffering on the internet. Project leader
Co-worker Gudrun Furumark. Financed by FAS 2006-0926

'The impact of technological modality on troubles telling and advice giving on a national children's helpline'. Research project with Susan Danby, Michael Emmison, Jonathan Potter, Alexa Hepburn and Karin Osvaldsson. Financed by the Australian Research Council

'Children calling SOS: On the construction of meaning in calls to an emergency line'. Research project with Karin Osvaldsson and Daniel Persson-Thunqvist. Financed by the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research

On meaning- making in emergency calls with persons who speak swedish as a foreign language Project leader Jakob Cromdal. Financed by: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (P2007-0837:1-E)

2009 Folkhälsoinstitutet. Samverkan om föräldrastöd i Östergötland - kommunala strategier för föräldrastöd 2010-2011. Project leader Bengt Sandin.

2011 Folkhälsoinstitutet.Föräldrastöd i mångkulturella miljöer
Project leader Bengt Sandin.


kocAssociate Professor

Telephone: 013-28 66 46
Fax: 013-28 29 00

E-post: karin.osvaldsson@liu.se


Department of Thematic Studies -
Child Studies
Linköping university
SE-581 83 Linköping

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