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Compensating the past 


On this webpage you find some of the presentations given at the workshop Compensating the Past: international approaches to redress schemes for historical child abuse, held at Museum of Work, Norrköping, Sweden, November 10-11, 2016. As several of the presentations concern work in progress, please don’t cite without permission from the author/presenter. Abstracts of each presentation is available in the programme.


Programme Compensating the past workshop

The Tuart Times Newsletter, issue 13 Feb 2017 (on the workshop, see p 8-9)


K. Daly - What is owed and why? 

A. Kendrick - The Scottish Survivor Support Fund

P. Lundy - What survivors want from redress Northern Ireland

P. Lundy - What Survivors Want From Redress. Part 1

P. Lundy - What Survivors Want From Redress. Part 2

Final Cost Analysis - Redress

E. O'Sullivan - Redress in Ireland expediency and expense

J. Sköld, Sandin, Schiratzki, Lindberg - Memories of childhood traumas meet the law

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