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Guests at Child Studies / Tema Barn Higher seminar Autumn 2017

(for information about the topic of the talks at Tema Barn see Activity or Verksamhet/seminarier)


Dr. Deniz Arzuk, The Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History, Bogazici University, Istanbul

Dr. Deniz Arzuk's work focuses on social change and the construction of childhood in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, especially in relation to childhood inequalities, distinction, and discrimination. Currently she is researching public discussions about childhood in Turkey in the 2000s, during Erdogan governments.

Webpage: https://boun.academia.edu/DenizArzuk

Visits Linköping University: September 2017 to Spring 2018.



Professor Matthew Burdelski, Osaka University, Japan

Professor Matthew Burdelski is researching in Japanese linguistics, more specifically towards language socialisation, multimodel communication, pragmatics and conversation analysis. Example of recent work is his research on language socialization in classrooms in different communities. 

Web page: http://www.let.osaka-u.ac.jp/~mburdel/

Visits Linköping University: August 23 to September 14 (guest researcher). Seminar September 12.


Dr. Katie Wright, La Trobe University, Australia 

Dr. Katie Wright research is in sociology and history of childhood, psychology and education. A key focus on her work is the examination of the past and present social and cultural effects of the spread of psychological knowledge and therapeutic discourses. Her dissertation explored the impact of psychology in modernity through an analysis of the rise of therapeutic culture and examination of the complex and contradictory effects of the growth. Moreover, it also explored the increasing influence of psychological knowledge and expertise. Recently, dr Wright has set up the digital platform The Age of Inquiry, mapping inquiries into historical child abuse, which have proliferated since the 1990s.

Web page: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/she/staff/profile?uname=kjwright



Visits Linköping University: September 11 – October 6. Seminar October 3.


Dr. Michael Forrester, School of Psychology, University of Kent

Dr. Michael Forrester´s primary research interests are in child development and language, and also in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. The conceptual framework which informs his work derives, for the most part, from pragmatics and in particular conversation analysis. However, he also have interests in discursive psychology, psychoanalysis and in the development of qualitative methods.

Web page: https://www.kent.ac.uk/psychology/people/forresterm/

Visits Linköping University: Presents on seminar October 11. Will be here October 10-14.

Karin Osvaldsson has reviewed his book Early Social Interaction: A Case Comparison of Development Pragmatics and Psychoanalytic Theory.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Dr. Martin Eriksson, Department of History, Lund University

Dr. Martin Eriksson´s research is mainly concentrate on two main subjects. The history of Swedish racism and scientific ideas of race and hereditary traits in the 19th and 20th centuries. He also studies contentious political collective actions such as strikes, squatting and violent riots in the 20th and 19th centuries, and is interested in all kinds of political and social conflicts taking place outside Parliament and formal political parties.

Web page: http://www.hist.lu.se/en/person/MartinEricsson/

Visits Linköping University: October 17. Together with Andreas Brink.


Dr. Anders Brink, Department of History, Lund Univeristy

Dr. Andres Brink is currently engaged in a two-part study researching project. One part of the project is in conjunction with the 30 November association's torch train in the early 1990s and the other part considers the resistance to the Öresund Bridge as regional integration. The two studies are based on public archives and partly on deep interviews with participants in the various events.

Web page: http://www.hist.lu.se/person/AndresBrink/

Visits Linköping University: October 17. Together with Martin Eriksson.


Professor Ann-Carita Evaldsson, Department of Education, Uppsala University

Professor Anna-Carita Evaldsson areas of research comprise the broader fields of children's interaction and peer language socialization, identity-work, multilingualism, affect and morality as socially situated and locally constituted phenomena embedded in cultural practices. She has carried out videoethnographic research across educational settings (school, preschool, leisure-time program, special needs practices) with a focus on children's peer group interactions and adult-child interaction.

Web page: http://katalog.uu.se/profile?id=N5-741

Visits Linköping University: Guest researcher week 39-41. Presents on seminars with Helen Melander October 24.



Associate Professor Helen Melander, Department of Education, Uppsala University

Helen Melander´s research centres on social interaction in different educational settings. She has a particular interest in epistemics and learning. She has further interests in learning and cognition as interactional achievements in a lived social and material world.

Web page: http://katalog.uu.se/profile?id=N2-557

Visits Linköping University: October 24. Presents on seminars with Ann-Carita Evaldsson.


Assosiate Professor Sara Eldén, Department of Sociology, Lund University

Sara Eldén´s research interests are feminist theory, sociology of family and personal life, and childhood sociology. She is currently researching the emerging market for private care (nannies and au pairs) in Sweden, and the effects this has on the “doing” of families (in ”Care for Children in an Era of Private Sector Services: A Study of Nannies, Children and Parents” (RJ P13-0603:1)).

Web page: http://www.soc.lu.se/en//sara-elden

Visits Linköping University: Presents on seminar November 7. 



Assosiate Professor Claudia Lindén, School of culture and Education, Södertörns Högskola

Claudia Lindén has published a number of studies on 19th Century literature, History of feminist thought and Gender Theory. In her dissertation Om kärlek. Litteratur, sexualitet och politik hos Ellen Key (Stockholm 2002), Lindén, wrote about Key’s position in the breakthrough of the modern in the 1880s, and problematized previous gender theoretical readings of Key. In between 2010-2015 Lindén was part of the project "Time, Memory and Representation: A Multidisciplinary Program on Transformations in Historical Consciousness, (funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond, program director Prof. Hans Ruin, Philosophy Södertörns högskola) with the project "Historicizing as Method in Gender Theory and Research in Sweden".

Web page: https://www.sh.se/p3/ext/content.nsf/aget?openagent&key=sh_personal_profil_en_496703

Visits Linköping University: Presents on seminar November 14.



Professor Göran Collste, Department of Culture and Communication, Linköping University (retired)

Professor Göran Collste´s research deals with problems in Ethics and Applied Ethics and his publications include books and articles on global justice, the principle of human dignity, work ethics and ethical issues related to information and communication technologies (ICT Ethics).

He has recently published Global Rectificatory Justice, PalgraveMacmillan, 2015 and (as editor) Ethics and Communication – Global Perspectives(Rowman & Littlefield International 2016). Professor Collste has also previously served as chair of the Regional Ethical Vetting Board in Linköping.

Web page: https://liu.se/en/employee/gorco11

Visits Linköping University: Presents on seminar with Elisabeth Permvall, December 5. 



Previous researchers visiting Tema Barn Spring 2017


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