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“The State of Children. Politics and Policies
of Childhood in Global Perspective”



Society for the History of Children and Youth

Sixth biennial conference


                                  June 2325 2011

          Teachers College and Columbia University, New York,


The Society for the History of Children and Youth is an international scholarlyorganization founded in 2001 and committed to the historical study of children and childhood. The organization supports research about childhood, youth cultures, and the experience of young people across diverse times and places and fosters study across disciplinary and methodological boundaries.

We welcome papers that deal with the history of children and youth from all periods of time. We encourage historical papers and sessions drawing upon comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives such as demography, ethnography, institutional approaches, legal studies, media studies, psychology, etc. The conference organization committee prefers proposals for complete sessions and panels that incorporate international representation and global perspectives. Individual papers will also be accepted.

Our fifth biennial conference will emphasise academic interaction across borders of different kinds- stadsbilddisciplinary as well as regional and national—and encourages innovative approaches to the history of children and childhood in an international, comparative perspective. It will seek to incorporate both empirical and theoretical contributions and work that considers the agency of children. Panel topics may include (but are not limited to): children and war; children’s rights; colonial/imperial childhoods; childhood and educational reform; children and work, children and media; children and consumption; childhood and domestic/transnational politics; childhood and urban planning; children, race and class; childhood and welfare; and perspectives on the politics of apology (for mistreatment of indigenous children and children in institutions) as well as panels that regionalize the western experience.

The conference will be held at the Teachers College and Columbia University, New York. Lodging options will be provided in hotels and student dormitories nearby.
Housings options

The conference program will include a plenary address, paper panel sessions, and round table discussions. We encourage innovative formats of presentations that can engage the audience and foster intellectual interaction. You are invited to submit round table, session and paper proposals.

Submit paper proposals at www.tema.liu.se/tema-b/shcy2011.

Submission Deadline: Prolonged time, December 13, 2010 (December 1, 2010)
Conference fee:  125 $

SHCY homepage







As of April 6, 2011, there are no full fellowships available for graduate students presenting at the conference. All graduate students are eligible for a reduced registration fee ($62.50).


Room reservation, see Hotels and travel for more information.


Full paper/synopsis should be submitted at latest May 23rd 2011

The final program will be available from June 1st.


Forty graduate students have been awarded full fellowships to present papers at the SHCY Conference. No other full fellowships are available, although all graduate students are eligible for the half-price registration fee.


Full and partial fellowships available to graduate students on the SHCY program. 


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