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Gender, Nature, Culture

Transdisciplinary research in Gender, Nature, Culture connects feminist materialist theorizing, cultural studies, science and technology studies (science and literature studies), medical and environmental humanities and human animal studies, new media studies and visual culture, queer theory, body studies (ageing, life and death), bioethics and posthuman politics into feminist forms of posthumanities that enliven, question and flesh out the (more-than-) human of the humanities in a fast changing world. The tensions, concerns, cares, curiosities and experimental attitudes afforded by the classical feminist divides into sex and gender, difference and diversity work here as an engine of discovery into the intimate entanglements of culture and nature. The research platforms connected to the specialization in Gender, Nature, Culture are The Posthumanities Hub (inaugurated 2008), GEXcel International Collegium and its field (and sub-strands) of Feminist Posthumanities (2012), and The Seed Box: An Environmental Humanities Collaboratory (2015). 

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