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Research at Gender Studies

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The research profiles at the Unit of Gender StudiesGender and Culture; Gender and Knowledge Production; Posthumanist Gender Studies; Environmental Humanities and Critical Life Studies – involves both (post-)humanities and social sciences, and at the same time invite medical and technical sciences to collaborate. This approach is at the core of interdisciplinary gender research. Dialogue with both national and international feminist research, Women's and Gender Studies is given high priority, as are reflections on theoretical, epistemological and methodological foundations of interdisciplinary research on gender in its intersections with ethnicity, sexuality, nationality etc. Moreover, it is an important concern to reflect on the ways in which gender perspectives can transform scientific research. Interdisciplinary and theme-oriented approaches make up good platforms for developing research that treats gender as a complex, changeable phenomenon whose meanings in society and culture push the research endeavors beyond the outlook of single disciplines.


Reports From Current Reserach

Anna-Stina Treumund in Memoriam

Last week the Estonian queerfeminist artist Anna-Stina Treumund sadly passed away. Anna-Stina Treumund was a well-established artist who made a name in her home country as well as in the broader European art scene, among others through her amazing self-portrait photography. Her artwork explores and makes visible lesbian and queer figurations and postsocialist, feminist imaginaries, in dialogue with Estonian as well as international queerfeminist political movements.


From the Gender Blog

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