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Welcome to the Posthumanities Network: The Next Genderation!



Our Posthumanities Network: The Next Genderation (funded by the Swedish Research Council - Vetenskapsrådet) is a constellation of inter-, trans- and cross-disciplinary researchers engaged in exploring how notions of the “human” is entangled with hierarchical binaries such as Self and Other, Man and Woman, Culture and Nature. At the core of our diverse research is an appreciation of the Others of hu/Man, for instance enlivened nature and biology, science and embodiment; women, natives, queers and disabled; animals, machines, materialities and the environment. 

The Posthumanities Network is established across Europe and the Americas through several core group nodes:

The Posthumanities Network is initiated by Dr. Cecilia Åsberg at Tema Genus, who also coordinates the research platform The Posthumanities Hub. This "hub" functions as a centre of activity, a meeting of research interests, and a focal point for events and activities within The Posthumanities Network. 

Our Posthumanities Network: The Next Genderation is a way to exchange research ideas, organise collective seminars and publication projects.

There is also a newsletter to help keep you informed of research and activities throughout the Posthumanities Network. We welcome information, ideas and initiatives from all networkers! Click here to read our newsletter!

Please contact cecilia.asberg@liu.se for questions around the network, and ingvil.f.hellstrand@uis.no for subscriptions, or up-dates to our newsletter!

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