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December 2010

Conference: The Human and its Limits

December 9-10

University of Bergen, Norway

The objective of this conference is to address the changing notions of the human in the age of cyborgs and neuro-implants, but also to open up for longer historical views.

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Doctoral course: Human-Animal Studies: Representations and Practices

December 6-10, 2010

Uppsala University, Sweden

The course aims to introduce the growing interdisciplinary field of Human-Animal Studies that explores human-animal relations in society, science, theory and culture. 

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November 2010

Workshop: Nature's Sexes - Exploring Diversity To Question Norms of Sex and Gender

November 22

Uppsala University, Sweden

Our starting point is the variability in sex and sexuality found among organisms, from microbes to animals and plants, how can this diversity challenge constructions of sex and gender? The aim is to question taken-for-granted assumptions of sex and sexuality in social sciences as well as biology.  

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Call for sessions proposal for conference: Current Issues in European Cultural Studies

November 1, 2010

June 15-17 2011 Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) will arrange its fourth biannual conference on cultural research in Norrköping, Sweden. A series of plenary sessions will explore the construction of place and community; the disintegrating dichotomy between culture and nature; the powers of remembering and narrating and the complex of intermedial materiality and representation.

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Oktober 2010

Conference: Gender in Practice

Oktober 15-16

Nijmegen University, The Netherlands

Starting from concrete examples conference aims at thinking through the theoretical and methodological potential of this ‘practical turn', its relation to ‘discourse' and discursive analysis, as well as its methodological and theoretical challenges.

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Maj 2010

Intensiv doktorandkurs (på engelska): "Posthumanities in practice: feminist perspectives"

Maj 26-27

2,5 ECTS/hp

Kursen ger en introduktion till det posthumanistiska forskningsfältet utifrån genusperspektiv på ekologi, djur och natur - och teknikvetenskap. Lärare och koordinator är Dr. Cecilia Åsberg, samt gästlärare Dr. Richard Twine och Dr. Måns Andersson. 

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Dr. Jones Irwin "Is there a philosophy of sex?"

March 18th

Tema Genus Higher Seminars series

When: 13:00-15:00

Where: room Delfi, Tema Building

Sidansvarig: cecilia.asberg@liu.se
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