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Doctoral course: "Human-Animal Studies: Representations and Practices"

G boder


6-10 December 2010

Uppsala University, Sweden

7,5 ECTS/hp


Doctoral course is organized by Cemus Research Forum, Center for Sustainable Development and The HumAnimal Group, Center for Gender Research, Uppsala University


The course aims to introduce the growing interdisciplinary field of Human-Animal Studies - for short, Animal Studies - that explores human-animal relations in society, science, theory and culture. The course emphasis is on representations, understandings and practices. How are animals represented in visual culture, science and media, and what implications do these representations have for our understanding of and relation to other animals, ourselves and to the world? What kind of categorization, inclusion and exclusion do images, narratives and practices do? How do we project norms and ideas about sex, gender, mind, race, nation and family on other animals? How do we classify, make hierarchies, include and exclude different species in different places and spaces? What kinds of societal structures, ideas, values and ethical frameworks guide our relations to other species and what are the relations between theory and practice, when it comes to the question of "animal welfare" in agri/aquaculture and laboratory life? One overarching theme is the problematization of the traditional nature/culture dualism - and the corresponding animal/human - that has dominated, and still dominates western thought. Discourses on environment and sustainable development and discourses on animals have traditionally been relatively separated in academic disciplines and politics, and the course also aims to reflect on the connections between these discourses. The lecturers represent a diversity of disciplines - sociology, geography, evolutionary biology, educational science, ethics, philosophy - and the course aims at encouraging discussion and communication between students and teachers from different disciplines.

Form: One week with full-time activities: Lectures, seminars, individual reading and writing, excursion, joint film analysis and workshop. The students are expected to take part actively in the lectures and seminars.
The last day the students present their ideas for an individually or co-written paper and comment on each other's ideas. The students choose their subjects in relation to the course content and, optional, to their own
doctoral thesis. The participants will be assessed by their active participation in lectures, seminars and workshops and by their paper, which will be handed in within four weeks (January 10).

Time: 6/12-10/12 (week 49) 2010.

Place: Cemus, CSD, Villavägen 16, Uppsala, and Center for Gender Research, Thunbergsv 3 H, Uppsala.

Qualifications: PhD students from all disciplines. Master students may be accepted.

Literature (to be continued): Linda Kalof, Amy Fitzgerald (eds.) 2007, The Animals Reader. The Essential Classic and Contemporary Writings. Oxford. Look for description at http://www.bergpublishers.com/?tabid=1804

Application and information: By e-mail to Anna.Samuelsson@soc.uu.se

More information will be distributed in late August 2010.

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