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Posthumanities in Practice: Feminist Perspectives

G boder


26-27 May 2010

Workshop program and reading

2,5 ECTS/hp for doctoral students


Preparations before the seminar:

1) Read the literature

2) Prepare a 5 min presentation of your research project

3) And, how it may be put in affinity with the posthumanities reading. Prepare questions to the reading: focus on the analytical work it might do for you.

4) Let us know your dietary preferences! (Also if you will stay for the BBQ at Cissi’s on evening May 26).


workshop program:

Wednesday 26 May

12:00 Welcome! Lunch together at Tema Genus (please let us know if you have any dietary preferences) and round of introductions!

13:00 Short intro: Cecilia Åsberg

13:15 Lecture (40 min) Dr. Richard Twine

“Practising Posthumanisms - from ontological creativity to normative reinvention?”

13:55 Short break

14:00 Discussion of lecture in relation to literature and our own scholarly entries into the Posthumanities landscape.

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Lecture (40 min) Dr. Måns Andersson

 “In the Name of Humanism: The Perpetual and Multidisciplinary Commodification of Animal Bodies”

16:10 Short break

16:15 Discussion of lecture in relation to literature and our own scholarly entries into the Posthumanities landscape. 

17:15 Temporary end.

19:00 Cecilia coming to get everybody by car, from campus to the BBQ at the house Nylund. Discussions continued in relaxed mode.


Thursday 27 May

9:15 Lecture (40 min) Dr. Cecilia Åsberg

“A Feminist Cartography of the Posthumanities: Or, Was the Last Turn an Ontological Turn?”

9:55 Short break

10:00 Round-table discussion of each of our research projects (prepare a 5 min presentation of your project) – and how we think we can put posthumanities in practice.

10:30 Coffee/pee break

10:40 Back to presentations with coffee

12:00 Lunch together and continued discussions

13:00 Farewell (for now).



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Warmly welcome!


Coordinator: Dr. Cecilia Åsberg

E-mail: Cecilia.asberg@liu.se

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