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Workshop: "Nature's Sexes - Exploring Diversity to Question Norms of Sex and Gender"
G boder


22 November 2010

Uppsala University, Sweden

GenNa welcomes PhD. students and researchers to an interdisciplinary workshop concerning biology and social sciences. Our starting point is the variability in sex and sexuality found among organisms, from microbes to animals and plants, how can this diversity challenge constructions of sex and gender? The aim is to question taken-for-granted assumptions of sex and sexuality in social sciences as well as biology. We welcome participants from various fields, such as biology, gender research, sociology etc. Invited speaker is Professor Myra Hird, Queens University, Kingston, Canada.

The workshop takes place on Monday 22 November, 2010 at 9.30-16:00. At Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Do you want to participate? Send an email with a short motivation of your interest to the coordinator, November 1, the latest. The workshop includes a lecture and discussion sessions and is limited to 25 participants. The workshop will require some preparatory work: reading articles and reflecting on questions.

Malin Ah-King,
Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University

Most welcome!
For information on GenNa see http://www.genna.gender.uu.se/

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