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The research group


The research group (consisting of PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers, alongside senior lecturers and professors) meets regularly on location for strategic workshops, networking and research exchange events.

Bridging human-animal studies, environmental humanities, creative and biological arts, critical biochemistry, queer and crip theory, cultural studies of science, medicine, and technology, the Posthumanities Hub fosters transgressive feminist collaborations that explore the performativity and vulnerability of variously situated ‘naturecultures’ (Haraway), and the entanglement of materiality and meaning with the analytical tools of the ‘posthumanities’ (Wolfe).

Ranging from engagements with Alzheimer’s Disease and human-animal lab relations, or new media and digital cultures, humanoid care robots and feminist digital activism, through to dealing with the Anthropocene, climate change, environmental writing, and teacher education, or trans/queer visual cultures and art/science feedback loops, the critical, creative, and pedagogical endeavours of our researchers engage with questions of what gets to count as human, inhuman, or nonhuman in the relations we live and die by.

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Photo: Marietta, Helga and Tara read obviously a lot!



  • Justin Makii (Linköping University, The Seed Box), project: A Play of Prions or Rewriting the Prionic World Agentially.
  • Vera Weetzel (Linkoping University, TEMA Genus), project: Water, tears and fish-human relations of science and bioart
  • Irma Allen (KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, affiliated phd student), project: From earth to air: Tracing coal toxicities through post-socialist bodies, landscapes, and lifeworlds
  • Tarsh Bates, PhD (University of Western Australia, SymbioticA, affiliated phd student), project: HumanThrush Entanglements: Homo sapiens as a multispecies ecology.
  • Suraiya Jetha (Anthropology and Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz, USA, affiliated phd student), project (with field work in Sweden) on kinship, intimacy, and genetics in Sweden.        


  • Cecilia Åsberg (Tema G, Prof of Gender, nature, culture), current projects: Toxic embodiment (multispecies Baltic Sea research and ie special issue of Environmental Humanities with Olga Cielemecka), deep time committments (Formas project with Dr Christina Fredengren, SU), what's feminist about environmental humanities (Formas project with Dr Lauren LaFauci), and on feminist posthumanities and its respons-abilities to a more-than-human world at large. 
  • Olga Cielemęcka (Tema G, Linköping University, postdoc in The Seed Box), project: The Erotics of the Anthropocene.
  • Christina Fredengren (Stockholm University, Archeology, Assoc.Prof), project: Deep Time relations of the Baltic Sea 
  • Magdalena Górska (Utrecht University, assistant professor), project: Breathing Matters: Feminist Intersectional Politics of Vulnerability.
  • Line Henriksen (Tema G, Linköping University), project: In the Company of Ghosts: Hauntology, Ethics, Digital Monsters.
  • Ingvil Hellstrand (University of Stavanger, Norway, Faculty staff), project: Passing as human. Posthuman worldlings at stake in contemporary science fiction.
  • Janna Holmstedt, (Artist. PhD Lund-Umeå Art School), artistic research on multispecies relations, sound, the art of listening
  • Pelin Kümbet, (Ph.D, Kocaeli University, Kocaeli, Turkey), literary studies, eco-critique, English literature, posthumanism
  • Lisa Lindén (Tema T, LiU), project: Communicating Care: The Contradictions of HPV Vaccination Campaigns.
  • Desirée Ljuncrantz (Tema G, LiU), project: The Cultural Imaginary of HIV in Corporeal and Queer Feminist Perspective. (Defended her doctoral thesis "Skrubbsår" May 2017!)
  • Tara Mehrabi (Tema G, LiU), project: Making death matter: a feminist technoscience study of Alzheimer's sciences in the laboratory
  • Marietta Radomska (Tema G, Linköping University), project: Uncontainable Life: A Biophilosophy of Bioart.
  • Helga Sadowski (Tema G, LiU), project: Digital Intimacies. Doing New Media Differently. 
  • Hanna Sjögren (Goldsmiths College, University of London), project: Sustainability for Whom? The Politics of Imagining Environmental Change in Education.
  • Maris Sõrmus (University of Tallinn), project: Nature and Culture in Contemporary British and Estonian Literature: Ecocritical Reading of Monique Roffey and Andrus Kivirähk.
  • Wibke Straube (Karlstads universitet, senior lecturer), project: Trans Cinema and its Exit Scapes: Transfeminist Reading of Utopian Sensibility and Gender Dissidence in Contemporary Film.
  • Pat Treusch (Technische Universität Berlin), project: Making Robots Domestic. A Queer Feminist Cartography of Anthropomatic Kitchen Robotics.

Complimenting the research training in other areas as much as fostering a deeper posthumanities understanding of the research problem in the hand of the PhD Candidate, The Posthumanities Hub offers an open peer-to-peer community and transdisciplinary conversations between junior and senior scholars. PhD Candidates can ask to be affiliated to us, alongside their initial employment or position, if approved by their supervisor. Unfortunately we do not at the time have any phd positions open.


Affiliated Scholars and Companions of the Posthumanities hub

Marco Armiero (Director of the Environmnetal Humanities Lab, KTH Royal Institute of Technology) environmental history

David Azul (La Trobe University), health sciences, speech-pathology, transgender studies, creative writing

Dag Balkmar (Örebro universitet), critical studies of men and masculinity, feminist cultural studies of cars and car modder's community, sustainable automobility

Josef Barla (University of Vienna), new technologies, philosophy and politics of technology, new materialisms

Christine Daigle (Brook University, Director of Posthuman Research Institute) Nietszsche and phenomenology, posthumanism

Gillian Einstein (University of Toronto), gender medicine, cognitive neuroscience, feminist science, gendered biologies project

Lisa Folkmarson Käll (CEDER, LiU), theoretical philosophy, feminist phenomenology

Christina Fredengren (Arkeologiska Forskningslaboratoriet, Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens kultur, Stockholms Universitet Wallenberglaboratoriet)

Lissa Holloway-Attaway (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola), media and digital culture, performativity, affective design, feminist new materialism

Tanja Joelsson (Uppsala universitet), critical studies of men and masculinity, youth cultures, feminist cultural studies of young people's automobility

Ericka Johnson (Tema T, LiU), medical sociology, feminist science and technology studies

Hillevi Lenz Taguchi (Stockholm University), post-constructivist feminist research in the educational sciences

N.A.J (Nico) Taylor (LaTrobe University), nuclear and global ethics, weapons disarmament, peace studies

Karla Mason (Queen's University, Belfast), human animal studies, historical cultural studies

Max van Midde (Lund University), transgender studies, new materialisms, temporality, trans-becomings, embodiment, gender studies

Astrida Neimanis (The University of Sydney, Gender and Cultural Studies Department), feminist environmental humanities

Hugo Reinert (Department of Anthropology at the Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University), extinction studies, indigenous reindeer pastoralism, climate change policy and environmental volunteering

Birgitta Rydhagen (BLT and Tema M, LiU), feminist technoscience, postcolonial communication, engineering and sustainable sewage systems

Marianna Szczygielska (Central European University, Budapest, Hungry, affiliated phd student), project: Queer(ing) Naturecultures. The Study of Zoo Animals.

Teresia Svensson (Tema M, LiU), science for sustainable development, biogeochemistry, environmental science

Therese Svensson (Gothenburg University), feminist research on whiteness and non-whiteness as intersectional and literary figurations, Swedish literature, critical race studies.

Iris van der Tuin, Prof dr. School of Liberal Arts, Utrecht university, Netherlands.



Janna Holmstedt, PhD (Stockholm) Art works of Janna Holmstedt

Miriam Wistreich (Denmark) Moist So Moist Project: Period

Tove Kjellmark (Sweden) Tove Kjellmark Works

Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, PhD (University of Western Australia) SymbioticA, Tissue Culture and Art Project and Biophilia – Base for Biological Arts (Aalto University, Finland)



Posthumanism Research Institute at Brock University, Canada and Posthumanism Research Network directed by Christine Daigle.

The University of Würzburg’s Interfaculty Forum for Cultural Environmental and Animal Studies (IFCEAS).

Posthumanities International Network (PIN) - collaboration between Linköping University, Utrecht University and Goldsmiths, University of London.

GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies.

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