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The Gender Lab

In the fall of 2010, the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research, Delegation for Gender Equality in Higher Education (DJ), granted 1.5 million SEK for the project The Gender Lab: Gender Conscious Research Careers Across the Humanities, Social Sciences and the Natural Sciences. 

Is there life after PhD? What does an academic career look like today for men and women within the natural sciences and the humanities? What can we learn across the disciplines? How to shape a creative, collaborative and competitive research environment? Pursuant to Swedish law, women and men have the same possibilities to create their future in academia, but in real life things look a lot different. - As nobody really wants inequality, why does it keep happening anyway? What can we do about it?   

Guided by curiosity, gender pedagogy and a flair for the experimental approach, The Gender Lab offers PhD-students, postdocs and research leaders (at Linköping and Stockholm University), women and men, social and natural scientists and cultural scholars a toolbox for creating gender conscious research careers! 

The project consists of customised labs (workshops) for select participants, public lectures (open for all at Linköping University and Stockholm University) and a scientific follow-up.  The Gender Lab project runs until fall 2012.  

  • Do YOU want strategic career advice? Do you need tips to navigate and challenge the existing gender inequalities in your research group or in academia in general? Are you a PhD-student, post doc or research leader, curious and open to cross-disciplinary dialogue? Then, do not hesitate to enrol in The Gender Lab!

Register before April 1, 2011.

Linnea Bodén, Linköping University:  linnea.boden@liu.se

Project leaders:
Cecilia Åsberg , Linköping University: cecilia.asberg@liu.se 
Hillevi Lenz Taguchi, Stockholm University: hillevi.lenz-taguchi@ped.su.se


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