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757A28 Feminist Pedagogy and Intersectional Gender Didactics

7,5 credits, week: 44-48

Registration period week: 42-44 

Course coordinator:

Redi Koobak, E-mail : redi.koobak@liu.se



Course description

This course is designed for students who want to increase their knowledge of feminist and intersectional pedagogical theories and didactics, including norm critical theories, emphatic reading and transversal dialogues, with a special focus on intersectionality and change. The course will relate to contemporary processes of change within academia and society at large. It will also focus on course planning and designing. The course is suitable for those who are interested in feminist and intersectional pedagogies as well as those who already work as teachers.


Teaching formats

Pre-recorded lectures will be provided for, which can be listened to anytime. There are also online-seminars, -workshops and/or other learning activities on various feminist and intersectional pedagogical theories and didactics.



The course will be examined through active participation in online.seminars, workshops and/or other learning activities and through written individual assignments.


Course Literature

The course literature consists of scientific articles and/or books accessible via the university library. More information can be found in the course’s key document.


Feedback is given during workshops and on the final exam. The course is evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively and in communication with student representatives and the course coordinator



To apply: universityadmissions.se



Student Counselor

Rebecca Olsson


Ida Ekström




Alma Persson 




Elisabeth Samuelsson 




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