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757A30 Introduction to Studies of Intersectional Gender at Advanced Level, 6 ECTS Credits

Course coordinator: Åsa-Karin Engstrand
Weeks 34-37,

Course description

On completion of the course, the students should, on an advanced level within the field of Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change, be able
- to account for the development of research on intersectional gender in a historical and transdisciplinary perspective;
- to critically account for intersectional gender’s analytical and political relevance;
- to reflect on different possibilities to disseminate and communicate on intersectional gender to a wider public;
- to write an academic paper according to the standards and requirements of Swedish higher education


The course provides 
- introductions to various concepts researched within the field of intersectional gender, 
- introductions to various forms of academic writing relevant for the field of intersectional gender;
- different fora for discussing, analyzing and reflect on intersectional gender’s analytical and political relevance;
- information on the academic writing requirements of Swedish higher education
- training on how to use the online tools on which the teaching of the course is based, including the online resources of the university library

Teaching formats

The course is mainly organized as an online self-study course with a mandatory intensive face-to-face week on campus and a few online activities. The teaching formats include lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials and/or other learning activities. Moreover, students get training in the use of the online classroom tools, including library resources.


The course is examined through active participation in seminars, workshops and/or other learning activities and through a final written individual assignment. (Reflection diary, participation during Face-Face)
Detailed information about the examination can be found in the course’s Key document.

Course Literature

The course literature consists of scientific articles and/or books accessible via the university library. More information can be found in the course’s key document.


Feedback is given during workshops and on the final exam. The course is evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively and in communication with student representatives and the course coordinator.

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Student Counselor

Rebecca Olsson


Ida Ekström




Alma Persson 




Elisabeth Samuelsson 




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