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Gender Studies - Intersectional Gender Studies - Coursepackage, 30 credits


Reopens for late application 14 july 2017



This autumn we will give the international online coursepackage Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change (30 hp), which includes four elective classes: 

757G22 Introduction to Intersectional Gender in a Transnational World,  7,5 credits

757G23 Applying Intersectionality , 7,5 ECTS Credits

757G24  Past, present, and future in feminst intersectionality, 7,5 credits 

757A25 Intersectional practices,7,5 credits

The courses introduces the basics of intersectional, transnational and transformative gender studies, provides knowledge on the key concepts in the field, and encourages students to advocate and communicate for change.'

The courses will be given in the autumn 2017 and the language is English. For more information about the classes, click links on the left side of this page. 

To apply: universityadmissions.se



Student Counselor

Rebecca Olsson


Ida Ekström




Alma Persson 




Elisabeth Samuelsson 




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