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757A12 Master Thesis 15 ECTS


Period: 201714 - 201723
One week on Campus Linköping, then internetbased.

Full time course


Course coordinator: Wera Grahn (wera.grahn@liu.se)

Administrator: Elisabeth Samuelsson (elisabeth.samuelsson@liu.se)

The course contains:

  • tools for critically and independently defining a relevant research problem in the field and for analysing it in a scholarly way, based on a well-argued project design, including reflections on choice of theoretical frameworks, methodological tools, ethical approaches, empirical materials and methods for collecting them;
  • tools for ensuring that the master research is anchored within a broad overview as well as an in-depth knowledge of the sub-field within which it is defined;
  • tools for articulating relevant scholarly arguments for the possibilities and limitations of the chosen master research project and for relating the arguments to the more overarching role of research in society and to discussions of individual responsibilities for how it is used;
  • tools for positioning oneself in a relevant self-reflexive way in relation to the research questions of the thesis;
  • tools for identifying personal needs for further knowledge and for taking responsibility for ones own ongoing learning processes;
  • tools for producing a coherent and autonomously written documentation of the research (one year master thesis) in a style and genre which documents academic accountability and competence, including the appropriate use of scholarly citations, references and sources.


The thesis is submitted online and examined and evaluated in a seminar which is held face-to-face on campus. The seminar is chaired by a senior member of the research and teaching staff of the Unit of Gender Studies (examiner), and includes a peer-review procedure, where students comment and evaluate the work of one another.
Detailed information about the examination can be found in the study guide and the key information document.

Feedback to students:

Feedback is given on the learning platform Lisam (lisam.liu.se) and in class.

To apply: universityadmissions.se



Student Counselor

Ida Ekström ida.ekstrom@liu.se

Ida Ekström




Alma Persson




Elisabeth Samuelsson 




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