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757A16 Science Communication and Critically Mediated Interventions

7,5 credits, week 49-03


Course coordinator:

Malena Gustafsson; malena.gustavson@liu.se



Against the background of a selection of examples of different kinds of feminist and intersectional mediated intervention and communication, the students develop abilities and competence to undertake mediated interventions, based on questions, themes and problems related to Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change. The students get a theoretical overview as well as methods and tools for in-depth media analysis, based on Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change. They also become thoroughly acquainted with critical analysis of media trends and mediated representations of gender and intersectionality issues and questions of equality, seen against the background of broader processes of change in society. Students also learn how they, in a professional way, can intervene in public debates about gender, intersectionality and equality issues, and how to try out their communicative skills vis-à-vis broader public audiences. The theoretical work is combined with practical exercizes, related to different kinds of mediated interventions, and to workshops where the students present the result of their mediated interventions and receive feed-back from teachers and other students.


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Student Counselor

Ida Ekström ida.ekstrom@liu.se

Ida Ekström




Alma Persson




Elisabeth Samuelsson 




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