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757A17 Internship

7,5 credits, week 49-03


Course coordinator:

Stina Backman; stina.backman@liu.se




The course is a supervised internship of normally 1-3 weeks in a relevant organisation, workplace or business. The internship includes independent tasks, and the students are supposed to carry out the tasks in a qualified and professional way. Through the internship students acquire practical knowledge of an organisation, workplace or business, and they learn to critically assess the potentials and limitations of their knowledge and role in specific work situations. The students find relevant internships themselves, but the internship must be approved by the programme director, who assesses the relevance for the master’s programme and who also evaluates if the above requirements for fulfilling the goals are met. The internship can be carried out in Sweden or abroad.

To apply: universityadmissions.se



Student Counselor

Ida Ekström ida.ekstrom@liu.se

Ida Ekström




Alma Persson




Elisabeth Samuelsson 




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