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757A24 Analysing Change 9 ECTS

Period:  201708- 201713

Course start: 22 february

Full time course

Distance education, online


Course coordinator: Malena Gustvson (malena.gustavson@liu.se) 

Administrator: Elisabeth Samuelsson (elisabeth.samuelsson@liu.se)


Short course description:

The course includes:

  • methods to integrate intersectional gender analytical approaches when analysing processes of social, cultural, technological, scientific, political, environmental and/or bodily change;
  • visual and textual analysis, ethnographical fieldwork including interviews and observations, analysis of genealogies and discourse analysis;
  • relevant theoretical, methodological analytical and ethical frameworks, e.g. transversal dialogues, empathic reading etc .


Feedback to students:

Feedback is given on the learning platform Lisam (lisam.liu.se) and in class.

For students at Single subject courses

Approximately one week before the course starts, you will get a virtual roll call via e-mail to which you have to respond.

At the same time you will be provided with further information about the course to which you have been accepted.


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