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Career Paths and Professional Communication, 6 hp

Period: 201704-201707, February 6-10 face-face week on Campus Linköping, then internetbased.

Full time course

Distance education, online


Course coordinator: Edyta Just (edyta.just@liu.se)
Administrator: Elisabeth Samuelsson (elisabeth.samuelsson@liu.se)

Short course description:

The course includes:

  • intersectional gender mainstreaming, feminist pedagogy and intersections gender didactics, and science communication and critical media interventions;
  • key career paths within these fields;
  • various ways to intervene within these areas, which will be presented and applied;
  • methods, such as creative and academic writing, forum theatre and other oral forms in academic and other professional or generally broad public contexts.


The course is examined through active participation in face-to-face workshops on campus, which includes participation in role-play assignments, as well as via written assignments. A summarizing individual written assignment will be accomplished as a final assignment.
Detailed information about the examination can be found in the study guide.

Feedback to students:

Feedback is given on the learning platform Lisam (lisam.liu.se) and in class.



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Student Counselor

Ida Ekström ida.ekstrom@liu.se

Ida Ekström




Alma Persson




Elisabeth Samuelsson 




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