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InterGender. Research school in Interdisciplinary Gender StudiesG boder

InterGender is a research school in interdisciplinary gender studies that establishes interconnections between Swedish PhD programmes as well as four major European research schools. The aim of InterGender is to further increase the quality of PhD training offered in gender studies, by creating a systematized programme of PhD courses, PhD supervisors’ courses, thematic research seminars and conferences.

InterGender offers a large scale research training programme meeting the needs of PhD students in different phases of their training. The main modules are offered every year on a rotating basis, thus coordinating the respective specialities of the different partner institutions, as well as the different needs of first-, mid- and last-phase PhD students.

The research school is financed through grants from the Swedish Research Council, Vetenskapsrådet.

Scientific Director:
Nina Lykke, Professor, Gender Studies, Linköping University

Managing director:
Dag Balkmar, Dr, Gender Studies, Linköping University

Berit Starkman, Gender Studies, Linköping University

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Teachers' Meeting (2014-09-16)
Info-meeting (2014-09-18)

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Head of Unit 
Cecilia Åsberg 

Deputy Head of Unit:
Margrit Shildrick margrit.shildrick@liu.se

Björn Pernrud
+4613 28 6631 bjorn.pernrud@liu.se

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