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Teaching (graduate and phd-level) and Research Schools


- Program Director (and teacher) of the Tema Genus (Interdisciplinary Gender Studies) Research School (2009-2010), Linköping University (LiU), SE.

- 2009-2014 Teacher and convener of the Tema Genus (Interdisciplinary Gender Studies) Research School (2011), 120 ects, for instance the PhD-course: "Posthumanist Gender Studies" (2009, 2011)"Zoontology and Posthumanities: A Feminist Introduction" (2013) with Jami Weinstein.

- InterGender Research School:  "Introducing Feminist Materialisms" (15 ects), phd-course with Prof. Stacy Alaimo and Prof. Nina Lykke 2011.

- InterGender Research School (2008-2011) - Board member (extra for the chair), Executive Board member, Teacher.

- Post/doctoral work shop series Meeting Materialities (2011-2012). Coordinated by CÅ, hosted by the Posthumanities Hub and financed by the Swedish Research Council (The Posthumanities Network: Next Genderation).

- The Posthumanities Hub PhD-course: "Posthumanities in practice: feminist perspectives" (3 ects) with Dr. Richard Twine (Lancaster Uni, UK) and Dr. Måns Andersson (LiU).

- Nordic Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (Odense, Syddansk Universitet, Denmark 2008, Christina Insitute, University of Helsinki, Finland 2009).

- Co-coordinator and teacher with Prof. Nina Lykke of the D09 InterGender Research Student Collective (D09 = Doctoral students starting their research training in interdisciplinary gender studies in 2009 at a university affiliated to, or not (on self-paying basis), european InterGender-consortium).

- Guest lecturer Umeå Uni., Uppsala Uni., the Nobel museum (research department) Stockholm, and at Linköping Uni. - for instance at Philosophical Faculty, IKK, or the MA-program KSM (Media Studies, Campus Norrköping), at the international MA-program (Biology) "Applied Ethology and Animal Biology" (at IFM). I have also given international conference key notes and key note commentaries in various European academic settings.

- NOISE Summer School: European research school of interdisciplinary gender studies (co-coordinator, head tutor and teacher 2005, Co-ordinator and teacher 2006 "Science fiction, science fact", and teacher 2008).

- Nordic Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (co-cordinator and teacher 2007, at Syddansk Univeristy, Odense, Denmark and 2009, at the Christina Insitute, University of Helsinki, Finland).

- ADVANCE Summer School for postdoctoral women in the natural sciences and industry, Danube University, Krems, Austria (2007)

- Graduate Gender Studies Program (GGeP), including international BA, MA, RMA programs, and doctoral courses,  2005-2008 at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

In addition, I have had the great pleasure to supervise students of various Swedish, Dutch and international MA, RMA and BA -programs, for instance the MA's in Kultur, Samhälle och Mediegestaltning (KSM), Linköping University (2003-2005). At that time I was also  heading the courses within the MA-stream Culture and Technology (0,3 fte) at KSM and teaching awarded courses for the Centre for Human, Machine, Sociaty (CMTS) engineering students.

At Utrecht University (lektor 2005-2008), the Netherlands, I supervised 16 successful MA and Research MA-students (7 of them graduated Cum Laude) between the years 2005-2008 when I was working there as Assistant Professor (Universitaire Docent) and teaching courses like: New Media, New Citizenship (7,5 ects MA), Historiography of Feminist Ideas (7,5 ects BA/MA)Feminist Theory: Between Diversity and Difference (7,5 ects MA), Technobodies in Cyberspace (7,5 ects MA/RMA), New Feminist Perspectives in a Globalized Context (7,5 ects BA/MA), Feminist Toolbox (7,5 ects MA), Body Zones (7, 5 ects MA/RMA), and the Body Course (PhD, with professor Rosi Braidotti). I have also been part of the in real life and online teaching of Gender, Ethnicity and Cultural Criticism. This was for The Graduate Gender Programme (GGeP), a Gender Studies programme in the Netherlands, a location from which I also worked in several teaching administrative positions (the Daily Management Board, Curriculum Commitee and Scientific Advisory Board for MA and RMA programs, the ADVANCE (EU) project and other (post) graduate programs.

Before 2005, I was teaching in a range of Swedish settings, from the polytechnics and engineering programs, to the nursing and health studies programs and the art, media and gender studies programs. In fact, across all the faculties of Linköping University.


Name: Cecilia Åsberg
Position: Professor (Chair of Gender, nature, culture)
Titles: Docent, PhD, MA
Department: TEMA - Department of Thematic Studies: Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (Tema Genus
Functions: LiU Research Professor, Director the Posthumanities Hub, Co-Director GEXcel International Collegium


Ph: +46 13 28 66 90
Fax: +46 13 133630
E-mail: cecilia.asberg@liu.se

Gender Studies (Tema Genus)
TEMA - Department of Thematic Studies
Linköping University
SE – 581 83 Linköping



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