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Publications (selection)

Peer reviewed articles


  • Gustavson, Malena, 2006. Blandade känslor: bisexuella kvinnors praktik och politik. (Diss.) Göteborg: Kabusa böcker.

Book chapters and reports


  • Gustavson, Malena, Simon, Jane, 2015. Editorial. Somatechnics: The Ethics of Biomedical Tourism. Special issue ed. Donna McCormack and Damien W. Riggs Vol. 5:1: v-v. (in print)
  • Gustavson, Malena, Simon, Jane,  2014. Editorial. Somatechnics: Academic Work Cultures: Somatic Crisis in the Enterprise University. Special issue ed. Nikki Sullivan, Jane Simon. Vol. 4:2: v-v.
  • Gustavson, Malena, Malmqvist Anna, Schmitt, Irina, (eds.) 2013. Queering School, queers in school: An introduction. Confero: Queering School, Queers in School. Vol. 1, nr. 2, sid. 5-15.
  • Gustavson, Malena, 2009. Gender Delight: Science, Knowledge, Culture and Writing … for Nina Lykke. Ed. Malena Gustavson, Katherine Harrison, Cecilia Åsberg, Björn Pernrud. LiU Tryck, Linköping.
  • Gustavson, Malena, 2008. GEXcel Report Series work in progress Vol. 1. Ed. Malena Gustavson, Stine Adrian, Nina Lykke. LiU Tryck.

Review articles

  • Review of Postkolonial Feminism. Ed. Paulina de los Reyes.TGV no. 4/2013
  • Review of dissertation”Kroppslinjer”, Signe Bremer. TGV no. 4/2012

Popular science articles (selection)

  • Gustavson, Malena, 2012. Bisexuella erfarenheter, queer politik. Sexologi, Tidskrift for Norsk Forening for Klinisk Sexologi, vol 10.
  • Gustavson, Malena, 2010. Medf. Irina Schmitt. Regnbågsbarnens villkor i skolan – frågor om mångfald och arbete mot diskriminering i skolan. Skolhälsan 2010(4).

Peer reviewed conference papers

  • Gustavson, Malena, 2014. Paper: ‘Homosexual as post-political subjectivity: Gender neutral language in Swedish Marriage Code.’ Minisymposion: Queering postpolitical subjectivities, Tema Genus Mini-Symposion, Linköping University, with Katerina Kolarova and Jasbir Puar.
  • Gustavson, Malena, 2014. Paper: ‘Examining the effects of gender neutral language in Swedish Marriage Code How does gender neutral language in Swedish Marriage Code affect activist claims?’ Language and Law in Social Practice 3 rd International Conference, Seconda universita degli Studi di Napoli.
  • Gustavson, Malena, 2013. Paper: ‘Discovering hiv - a sexual drama between state and citizens.’ Tema Genus Mini-symposium, Linköping University.  Hiv/aids, bodies and emotions, with Desireé Ljungcrantz.
  • Gustavson, Malena 2012. Paper: ‘Rainbow families in school’ with Irina Schmitt. 8th European Feminist Research Conference, CEU, Budapest university.
  • Gustavson, Malena, 2009. Paper: ‘Re-materialization of the clit.’ 7th European Feminist Research Conference, Utrecht universitet.
  • Gustavson, Malena 2009. Paper: ‘Fingering with silences: approaching a methodology on touch.’ Feminist Research Methods. Stockholm university.
  • Gustavson, Malena, 2008. Paper: ‘Touch and go – bisexuals performing sexual stories’. Conf. Queer in Europe. Exeter, UK.

Conferens coordinator and abstract reviewer

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Phone, office: +46-13 28 2262

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