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Anna Lundberg - PhD


PhD, Tema Genus, Linköping university. Thesis: Anything but Serious. The comic female grotesque in contemporary Swedish popular culture (in Swedish only).
MA, Cultural Studies, Göteborg University. My master's thesis, "Det subversiva skrattet. En studie av motståndskulturen i Marie-Louise Ekmans konst," deals with carnivalist laughter regarded as a feminist phenomenon. I have also studied drama, literature, education, and the history of ideas. I was accepted in autumn 1999 as one of the first group of three doctoral students in the Gender and Culture section of the Department of Gender Studies. For my introductory project at the Department of Gender Studies, I wrote a paper on the view of parking wardens. The paper, "Lapplisan som ikon. En undersökning av trafikvakten i det kulturellt imaginära," is a study in which narratives about parking wardens are analyzed using Graham Dawson's theory on the cultural imaginary, Julia Kristeva's text on the abjection, and Judith Butler's ideas surrounding aggressive speech acts.

Areas of interest:

I feel most at home within the framework of cultural studies. I believe there is an important point to exploring accepted structures and illuminating them from new angles. I have an overarching interest in how knowledge is constructed and communicated, which is expressed in my dissertation project as well as in my work with undergraduate students.





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