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In my project, I ask what is Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)?  How do scientists, within the realm of life sciences, approach, understand, perform and construct AD as multiple yet in relation to one another? What forms of AD embodiments, subject positionings and agential materialities emerge out of the everyday laboratory life? How can peculiar bodies of AD animal models displace and re-negotiate the permeable boundaries of what we regard as human, animal and technology? How do medical and humanist understandings of AD enact sexed bodies and sexual difference, humanness and animality? The project is an interdisciplinary project that draws on the posthumanist feminist studies, queer theories, new materialisms and feminist technoscience studies on the one hand and STS studies, particularly post-ANT scholarship on the other hand. I explore my ideas within the context of biochemistry and the pathology of AD, interviews and participant observation in the laboratory.

Tara Mehrabi.

Befattning: Doktorand
Avdelning: Institutionen för Tema (TEMA) / Tema Genus (TEMAG)
Telefon: +4613286620
E-post: tara.mehrabi@liu.se

Temahuset E 442
Campus Valla, Linköping


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