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Tara Mehrabi


2011 – Admitted to the Tema Genus, Posthumanities hub, Doctoral Program, Linköping University, Sweden.

2011 – Master's degree with a major in Science, Technology and Society (STS), Linköping University, Sweden.

2002 – Bachelor's degree with a major in English Translation, Allameh Tabatabaee University, Iran.

I have also taken courses in the master program Health and Society, Linköping University, Sweden.

Research Interests

  • Posthumanist feminist studies
  • Feminist materialisms
  • Gender, Medicine and technology (particularly, Entanglements and enactments of sex/gender, bodies, medicine and technology)
  • Medical anthropology
  • Intersectionality
  • Postdiciplinarity
  • Feminist phenomenology
  • Science and technology studies (STS)
  • Actor-network theory (Particularly, post ANT)



Master thesis: What Egg Can(not) Do, A study of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, family structures and their mutual re-construction in Iranian Society, Tema t, Linköping University

Current project

Conference Papers

“Visualizing Life/Death: Feminist materialism, Alzheimer's disease and the lab” (the title changed to Alzheimer’s Disease, laboratory life and the embodiment of otherness), Tara Mehrabi and Cecilia Åsberg at:

NeuroCultures-NeuroGenderings II, 13-15 September 2012, Vienna

4S Conference, 17-20 October 2012, Copenhagen



The Posthumanities Hub

Services to the academic community

Member of the Tema Genus higher seminars organizing Committee

Student representative at Temanämnd

Student representative for the local tema genus advisory board for Gexcel International Collegium

Tutor for the BA program Introduction to Intersectional Gender Studies, Policy and Politics in a Globalized World, Tema Genus, Linköping University


Tutor for the Master Program Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change, Tema Genus, Linköping University

Tara Mehrabi.

Befattning: Doktorand
Avdelning: Institutionen för Tema (TEMA) / Tema Genus (TEMAG)
Telefon: +4613286620
E-post: tara.mehrabi@liu.se

Temahuset E 442
Campus Valla, Linköping


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