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Gender and Medical Simulators: Urological practice in a prostate surgery simulator from gender, knowledge, and organizational perspectives

This project will examine the construction and use of a prostate surgery simulator from a gender perspective. It will explore the ways knowledge about the prostate is constructed and then reified in the prostate model used in the simulator and look at how gender and technology are co-constructed in organizational aspects of urology practice and then expressed through and by the simulated practices. Its primary contributions are to the field of gender & medical technology, where we will provide an analysis of how masculinity and manliness have been medicalized, viewed, articulated, and sometimes silenced or omitted through the prostate; demonstrate and further explore how technology interacts with gender in medical workplaces; and show how the theoretical lessons from gender & technology can be fed back into practice, simultaneously anchoring and sharpening our theories in and against practice and exploring their use in a case with masculine health technologies.


Alma Persson (Deputy Senior Lecturer)
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