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Single authored:

- Dangerous Discourses: Subjectivity, Sexuality and Disability (2014 S. Korean edition).

- Dangerous Discourses: Subjectivity, Sexuality and Disability (2009 Palgrave Macmillan)

- Embodying the Monster: Encounters with the Vulnerable Self (2002 London: Sage)

- Leaky Bodies and Boundaries: Feminism, Postmodernism and (Bio)ethics (1997 London: Routledge).

Edited collections:

- Theory on the Edge: Irish Studies and the Politics of Sexual Difference – edited with Noreen Giffney (2013 Palgrave Macmillan).

- Ethics of the Body: Postconventional Challenges - edited with Roxanne Mykitiuk (2005 Cambridge, MA: MIT Press)

- Feminist Theory and the Body: A Reader - edited with Janet Price (1999 Edinburgh:  Edinburgh University Press, and New York: Routledge).

- Vital Signs: Feminist Reconfigurations of the Bio/logical Body - edited with Janet Price (1998 Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press).

Articles and chapters:

- ‘”Why should our bodies end at the skin?”:  embodiment, boundaries and somatechnics’, Hypatia (2014. DOI: 10.1111/hypa.12114).

- ‘Death, debility and disability’, Feminism & Psychology (DOI: 10.1177/0959353514562816)

- ‘Visceral phenomenology: organ transplantation, identity and sexual difference’ in Feminist Phenomenology and Medicine, ed K. Zeiler and L.Kall (2014 SUNY Press).

- ‘Re-imagining Embodiment: Prostheses, supplements and boundaries’, Somatechnics (2013) 3.2: 270–286.

- ‘Introduction: Emergent Strands or Theory on Edge?’ in Theory on the Edge: Irish Studies and the Politics of Sexual Difference – ed. Noreen Giffney and Margrit Shildrick (2013 Palgrave Macmillan).

- ‘Sexual citizenship, governance and disability’ in Beyond citizenship: feminism and the transformation of belonging, ed. Sasha Roseneil (2013 Palgrave Macmillan).

- 'Hospitality and ‘the gift of life': reconfiguring the other in heart transplantation' in Embodied Selves, ed. Kathleen Lennon (2013 Palgrave Macmillan).

- ‘Imagining the heart: incorporations, intrusions and identity’, Somatechnics 2012. 2.2.

- ‘Critical Disability Studies: rethinking the conventions for the age of postmodernity’ in Routledge Handbook of Disability Studies, ed. Nick Watson, Carol Thomas and Alan Roulstone (2012, Routledge).

- ‘Out of Order: Genealogy and the Monstrous’ (‘Mimo řád: Genealogie zrůdnosti’ in Czech language translation), Dějiny-Teorie-Kritika 2011. 2: 189-202.

- ‘Introduction: The Antinomies of a Phenomenal Woman’, Women: A Cultural Review 2011. 2-3: 117-124 (Special issue ‘Situated Selves’, co-edited with Gillian Howie).

- ‘Some reflections on the socio-cultural and bioscientific limits of bodily integrity’, Body & Society 2010. 16.3.

- ‘Becoming-maternal: Things to do with Deleuze’, Studies in the Maternal 2010. 3.

- ‘The Postconventional Body: Retheorising Women’s Health’ (with Gillian Einstein), Social Science and Medicine  2009. 69, 2.

- ‘”You might not feel like yourself”: heart transplants, identity and ethics’ (Jennifer Poole, Margrit Shildrick, Patricia McKeever, Susan Abbey and Heather Ross) in S. Murray and D. Holmes (eds) Critical Interventions in the Ethics of Healthcare: Challenging the Principle of Autonomy in Bioethics. (2009 Ashgate)

- ‘Prosthetic Performativity: Deleuzian Connections and Queer Corporealities’ in C. Nigianni (ed.) Deleuze and Queer Theory (2009 Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press).

- ‘The Critical Turn in Feminist Bioethics: the case of heart transplantation’, I.J. of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (Inaugural issue: ‘Doing Feminist Bioethics’), 2008. 1 (1).

- ‘Contesting Normative Embodiment: Some reflections on the psycho-social significance of heart transplant surgery’, Perspectives  (Inaugural issue: ‘Body and Embodiment’), 2008. 1.

- ‘Deciding on death: conventions and contestations in the context of disability’, J. of Bioethical Inquiry (Special issue: ‘Disability and Bioethics’), 2008. 5 (2 & 3). 

- ‘Corporeal Cuts: Surgery and the Psycho-Social’, Body & Society (Special Issue: ‘Surgery and Embodiment: Carving Out Subjects’, 2008. 14 (1).

- Ethics at the Limit: Levinas, Politics and Responsibility’ in Robin Schott (ed.) Ethics and Existence: Concepts of Love and Evil, pp. 6-86 (2008 Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum).

- ‘Dangerous Discourses: Disability, Anxiety and Desire’, Studies in Gender and Sexuality 2007, 8.3. (The article is accompanied by 2 responses by Bardach, and Hannabach.)

- ‘A Reply to Bardach and Hannabach’, Studies in Gender and Sexuality 2007, 8.3.

- ‘Contested Pleasures: the Socio-political Economy of Disability and Sexuality’, J. of Sexuality Research & Social Policy, 2007, 3.3: 51-75.

- 'Monstrous Reflections on the Mirror of the Selfsame' - in Beliefs, Bodies and Being: Feminist Reflections on Embodiment - ed. Deborah Orr (2006 Rowman Littlefield).

- Deleuzian Connections and Queer Corporealities: Shrinking Global Disability’ (with Janet Price), Rhizomes 11, Fall 2005.

- ‘Vulnerability’ – Monograph 1, York Institute of Health Research, Ontario, Canada, 2005.

- ‘Transgressing the Law with Foucault and Derrida’, Critical Quarterly 2005. 47.3 .

- ‘The Disabled Body: Genealogy and Undecidability’, Cultural Studies 2005. 19.6.

- `Unreformed Bodies: Normative Anxiety and the Denial of Pleasure’ in Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 2005. 34 (3-4).

- ‘Beyond the Body of Bioethics’ in M. Shildrick and R. Mykitiuk (eds) Ethics of the Body (2005 MIT Press).

- ‘Queering Performativity: Disability after Deleuze’, SCAN: Journal of Media Arts 2004.1. 3.

- ‘Genetics, Normativity and Ethics’, Feminist Theory 2004, 5.2.

- ‘Transforming Sex and Gender’ in S. Gillis et al (eds) The Third Wave Feminism: A Critical Exploration (2004 Palgrave).

- ‘Corporealities: Contesting the Conventions’ in Labrys: études féminitiés (2004 (March).4).

- ‘Silencing Sexuality: the Regulation of the Disabled Body’ in Sexualities ed. Jean Carabine (2004 Open University/Policy Press).

- ‘Reconfiguring the Bioethics of Reproduction’ in Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 2004, 11.1.

- ‘Relative Responsibilities’ in Women: A Cultural Review, 2003, 14. 2.

- ‘Intimate Strangers: Reflections on Otherness’ in Alexa Wright: Intimate Strangers/Recent Work (2003 London: CARTE)

- ‘Welcoming the Monstrous Arrivant: Responsibility at the Limits of the Normative’ in Soundings (Critical Boundaries issue) 2002, 21.

- 'Becoming Vulnerable: Reconfiguring an Ethics of Encounter' in Knowledge, Power, Gender, ed. Birgit Christensen (2002 Zurich: Chronos Verlag).

- 'Vulnerable Bodies and Ontological Contamination' in Contagion: Historical and Cultural Studies, ed. A. Bashford (2001 London: Routledge); and in Contagion: Epidemic, History and Culture (2002 London: Pluto Press)

- 'Bodies Together: Touch, Ethics and and Disability', joint chapter with Janet Price in Mariam Corker and Tom Shakespeare (eds) Disability/Postmodernism: Embodying Disability Theory (2001 London: Continuum).

- 'Some Speculations on Matters of Touch' in Journal of Medicine and Philosophy: Bioethics issue  2001, 26, 4.

- '"You Are There Like My Skin" - Reconfiguring Relational Economies' in Thinking Through the Skin, ed. Ahmed and Stacey (2001 London: Routledge).

- 'Monsters, Marvels and Metaphysics: Beyond the Powers of Horror' in Transformations: Thinking Through Feminisms, ed. Ahmed, Kilby, Lury and Stacey (2000 London: Routledge).

- 'This Body Which is Not One: Reflections on Conjoined Twins', chapter in Mike Featherstone (ed.) Body Modification, TCS Series (2000 London: Sage).

- 'Becoming Vulnerable: Contagious Encounters and the Ethics of Risk' in Journal of Medical Humanities 2000, 21. 4

-  'Maternal Imagination: Reconceiving First Impressions', Rethinking History, (2000) 4, 3.

- 'This Body Which is Not One: Dealing With Differences' in Body and Society 1999, 5 (2-3). 

- 'Openings on the Body: An Introduction' in Feminist Theory and the Body, eds. J. Price and M. Shildrick (Edinburgh University Press 1999).

- 'Vital Signs: Texts, Bodies and Biomedicine'; and 'Uncertain Thoughts on the Dis/abled Body' (both with J.Price) in Vital Signs ed. Shildrick and Price (1998 Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press).

- 'Queering the Master Discourse: Lesbians in Philosophy' in Straight Studies Modified: Lesbian Interventions in the Academy ed. G. Griffin et al (1997 London: Cassell).

- 'Several Answers to Seven Questions' in Women's Studies Network Newsletter 1997, 26.

- 'Breaking the Boundaries of the Broken Body: Mastery, Materiality and ME' (with J.Price) in Body and Society 1996, 2.4.

- 'Posthumanism and the Monstrous Body' in Body and Society 1996, 2.1.

- 'The Subject of Feminism: ethics, difference and differences' (Субектът на феминизма: етика, различие и различия) in Sociological Problems: Feminisms issue 1995, no.4. (This is a leading Bulgarian language journal).

- 'Mapping the Colonial Body. Sexual Economies and the State: India 1850-1910' (with J. Price) in Gender and Colonialism, ed. T. Foley (1995 Galway: University of Galway Press).

- 'Splitting the Difference: Adventures in the Anatomy and Embodiment of Women' (with J. Price) in Stirring It ed. G. Griffin (1994 London: Taylor and Francis).

- 'Consent and the Reproductive Technologies. An Afterword' in Consent and the Reproductive Technologies ed. P. Alderson (1993 London: SSRU Publications).

- 'Women, Bodies and Consent' in Against Patriarchal Thinking ed. M. Pellikaan-Engel (1992 Amsterdam: VU Press).


- ‘Staying Alive: Affect, identity and anxiety in organ transplantation’, Body & Society (due 2014, 20, 3.).

- ‘Border crossings: the Technologies of Disability and Desire’ in Culture - Theory - Disability: Encounters between Disability Studies and Cultural Studies, eds. Anne Waldschmidt, Hanjo Berressem and Moritz Ingwersen. Bielefeld: Transcript-Verlag (due Winter 2014).

- Chimerism and immunitas : the emergence of a posthumanist biophilosophy - in Resisting Biopolitics: Philosophical, Political and Performative Strategies, eds. S. Wilmer and A. Zukauskaite. Routledge (due 2015).

- ‘Death, debility and disability’, Feminism and Psychology 25.1. (due February 2015)

- ‘Individuality, identity and supplementarity in transcorporeal embodiment in Individualism and the Future of the Human Being, ed Kevin Cahill. De Gruyter: Berlin Studies in Knowledge Research (due 2015)

- ‘Some Reflections on Sexual Citizenship and Disabled Women’ in Disabled Intimacies? Sexual and Reproductive Citizenship of Disabled Women in Portugal, ed. Cristina Santos (due 2015).

- ‘Remembering the body’ in A Feminist Companion to the Posthumanities, eds. C. Åsberg and R. Braidotti.(due 2015).

- 'Derrida in the Clinic' in Bioethics and the Specificity of the Body, ed. Mary Rawlinson (due 2015, Indiana University Press).

- Robert McRuer and Margrit Shildrick in conversation’ in Alyson Campbell and Steve Farrier (eds) Queer Instruments. Palgrave (due 2015).


Review articles (not standard short reviews):

- Review article on Women and the gift: beyond the given and the all-giving (Morny Joy, ed.) in Journal of Gender Studies 2014, October.

Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press- ‘On a Mutual Becoming’ – Review article on When Species Meet (Donna Haraway) in Society and Animals 2008. 16.

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- Review article on The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability (Susan Wendell) and Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (Rosemary Tong) in Women's Philosophy Review (1998) 18.

- 'Dreaming of Jodie' - Review article on Screen Dreams (Clare Whatling) in Lesbian Review of Books Spring 1998, vol 4, 4.

- 'Foreclosing Closure' - Review article on Come as You Are: Sexuality and Narrative (Judith Roof) in Lesbian Review of Books Autumn 1997, vol 4, 1.

- 'What's Queer, What's Not?' - Review article on Queer Studies (ed. B.Beemyn and M.Eliason) in Lesbian Review of Books Spring 1997, vol 3,4.

Dictionary entries:

- ‘Continental Philosophy’ in Encyclopedia of Bioethics (4th edition), ed. Bruce Jennings (2014 Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference).

- ‘Sexuality’ in Disability Studies: A Student’s Guide, ed. Colin Campbell (2013 Sage).

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- ‘Sex’ in Key Words in Disability Studies, ed. David Serlin, Rachel Adams and Benjamin Reiss (2015 NYU Press).

Scientific papers:

- Oliver Mauthner, Enza De Luca, Jennifer Poole, Susan Abbey, Margrit Shildrick, Mena Gerwarges,and Heather Ross (forthcoming) ‘Heart transplants: Identity disruption, bodily integrity and interconnectedness’, Health.

- Oliver Mauthner, Enza De Luca, Jennifer Poole, Mena Gerwarges, Susan Abbey, Margrit Shildrick and Heather Ross (2012) ‘Preparation and support of patients through the transplant process: Understanding the recipients' perspectives’,  Nursing Research and Practice. Article ID 547312, 9pps.

- Abbey, S., De Luca, E., Mauthner, O.Affiliations Department of Psychiatry, University Health Network, University of Toronto, Toronto

, McKeever, P., Shildrick, M., Poole, J., Gewarges, M., Ross, H. (2011)Affiliations School of Social Work, Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

, ‘Qualitative interviews vs standardized self-report questionnaires in assessing quality of life in heart transplant recipients’,  J. of Heart and Lung Transplantation (August 2011), 30 (8), pg. 963-966.

- Poole, J., Shildrick, M., De Luca, E., Abbey, S., Mauthner, O., McKeever, P., Ross, H., (2010) ‘The Obligation to Say Thank-you: Heart Transplant Recipients’ Experience of Writing to the Donor Family’. American Journal of Transplantation 11: 619-622.

- Ross H, Abbey S, de Luca E, Mauthner O, McKeever P, Shildrick M, Poole J (2010)  ‘What They Say versus What We See: “Hidden” Distress and Impaired Quality of Life in Heart Transplant Recipients’ , J. of Heart and Lung Transplantation  29(10), p1142-1149.  

- Shildrick M., McKeever, P., Abbey, S., Poole, J., Ross, H. (2009) ‘Troubling Dimensions of Heart Transplantation’, Medical Humanities (BMJ Supplement) 35. 1.


Invited Letter to Editor:

Poole, J., Shildrick, M., De Luca, E., Abbey, S., Mauthner, O., McKeever, P., Ross, H. (2011). On heart transplants and distress: A qualitative response to Selves & Burroughs’ letter.  American Journal of Transplantation 11.9.











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