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General Information for Applicants

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Application for participation in PhD courses

Applications should be sent to Academic Coordinator Mette Bryld, email: mbry@galnet.dk

Applications should be written in English and include

  • name, affiliation, full address, e-mail, phone, fax
  • name and affiliation of PhD supervisor
  • brief CV
  • description of PhD project (1-2 pages)
  • motivation: why do you want to participate in the course (1-2 pages)
  • please, indicate if you are in the first/middle/last phase of your PhD research


  • 16 PhD students per course can be funded by NorFA.
  • 4 more PhD students are welcome to participate on a self-paying basis.
  • If the number of applicants, qualifying for the NorFA grants exceeds 16, a selection will be made to ensure a spread of nationalities, institutions and disciplines.


  • PhD students will be admitted on the basis of an evaluation of their CV, project description and a letter of motivation.
  • Priority is given to PhD students from the region, primarily eligible for NorFA/NordForsk funding, i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and North West Russia. Additionally, a few students from outside the region can participate.
  • If the number of eligible and qualified applicants exceeds 20, a selection process will take place, which, in addition to scientific quality, will use selection criteria, which will ensure a spread of nationalities, regions, institutions, disciplines and different stages of PhD research.
  • In case of too many qualified applicants for the 16 grant places, an additional lot drawing procedure will be used to decide which applicants will be invited to take part as self-paying participants, and which applicants will be put on a waiting list.
  • The waiting list will be organized so that the national, institutional, disciplinary etc. spread will be kept up, when taking in participants from it.


  • app. 1000 pages
  • paper (describing research problems related to the PhD project of the participant)


  • 15 pages (to be handed in at the latest 3 months after the course; one copy should be sent to the teacher, one copy to Mette Bryld: mbry@galnet.dk). The teacher has 3 months to evaluate the essay.
  • The essay should strike a balance between addressing a theme, which have been part of course (lectures, discussions, reading material), and be relevant for the PhD research of the student.
  • The essay should, moreover, be considered as an exercise in doing a written presentation to an academic readership, who is not familiar with the author's PhD research. It should constitute a whole and explain relevant contexts.

Credits (per course)

  • a) 10 ECTS Credits is given for active participation + essay (evaluated as pass/fail).
  • b) 5 ECTS Credits is given for active participation.

The Research School will issue a certificate indicating the ECTS credits earned by the student. A brief description of the course and the kind of participation required will also be included in the certificate.


It is the students' own responsibility to ask their institution about its accreditation rules and get the certificate and the credit points registered at the home university.

Translations between national accreditation systems and ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Sweden: 40 Swedish credit points = 60 ECTS


Norway: 60 Norwegian credit points = 60 ECTS


Finland: 40 Finnish credit points = 60 ECTS


Denmark: 60 ECTS


Iceland: 30 Icelandic credit points = 60 ECTS

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