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From Social Constructivism to New Materialism:
Feminist Perspectives on Epistemology and Knowledge Production

March 15-17, 2005

Linköping University, Sweden.

Prof. Karen Barad, Mount Holyoke College, Mass., USA; Dr. Anne-Jorunn Berg, Sintef/IFIM, Trondheim, Norway; Prof. Nina Lykke, Linköping University, Sweden.

Course description:
The aim of the course is to give an advanced introduction to feminist epistemologies with a special focus on current transitions and dilemmas. Social constructivism in different versions has for a long time been crucial for the development of feminist theorizing. In recent years, new materialist trends have, however, begun to take feminist discussions of epistemology and knowledge production beyond classic social constructionist stands. The cyborg theory of Donna Haraway is a case in point. The course will draw attention to different articulations of these transitions and feminist rethinkings of the relationship between discourse and materiality.

The course will include both lecture/plenary sessions and group sessions, where students will be given the opportunity to present the theoretical framework of their doctoral research and receive comments from teachers and co-participants.

The course is to some extent a follow-up of the PhD course Feminist theory and epistemology, organized by the Nordic Research School, Aug.30-Sept.1, 2004. It will be arranged so that it addresses both new participants as well as participants who attended the previous course.

33 applicants, 24 participants: Denmark 5 (1 self-paying), Finland 5 (2 self-paying), Iceland 2, Norway 1, Sweden 8 (4 self-paying), The Netherlands 1 (self-paying), Poland 1, Italy/France 1.

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