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Qualitative Empirical Analysis in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

November 17-19, 2004

Oslo University (Randsvangen)

Prof. Hanne Haavind, Oslo University; Dr. Eva Magnusson, Umeå University; Prof. Jeanne Marecek, Swarthmore College, USA.


Prof. Hanne Haavind and Prof. Nina Lykke.

Course description:
The course is intended for researchers using qualitative approaches to the study of psychosocial processes related to gender. The course will present close examinations and provide practice of several kinds of interpretative analysis: discourse analysis, narrative analysis, conversation analysis, and analysis inspired by grounded theory. Such analyses are usually applied to material such as records or transcripts from research interviews and focus groups, recordings of naturalistic interactions or conversations; notes from observations and fieldwork; or documents, radio or film scripts and other textual representations. In the course we will also critically evaluate the variety of rationales offered for qualitative methods, and generate a tentative map of the benefits and limitations of different approaches.

The course will be particularly concerned with analysing how gender is produced through social interaction. Therefore, special attention will be given to ways of studying the processes by which actors define and reaffirm, or subvert and transform gendered identities and hierarchies. Discussions will also be directed at how gender-related concepts connect to other categories of identity and human action, and cultural difference. We will also consider the special ethical considerations that arise in qualitative gender research.

Each day of the course will begin with plenary lectures. Further work will be organized in small groups where participants will have the opportunity to work on preliminary analyses of material from their own research projects.

36 applicants, 24 participants: Denmark 1, Finland 8 (3 self-paying), Iceland 1, Norway 6 (2 self-paying), Russia 1, Sweden 6 (3 self-paying), Spain 1.

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