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October 19-20, 2007

Rutgers University, USA


OCTOBER 19-20, 2007

Since its inception nearly forty years ago, feminist theory has devised new methods, developed new questions, sought out new objects of interrogation, read and addressed new texts and attempted to develop new interdisciplinary and critical methods by which to ask: how can we think, how can we know, how can we write and act differently (and who is this 'we')? This conference seeks to assess both the ways in which feminist theory in the past did or did not develop new knowledges, and participate in new struggles, and what feminist theory may look forward to, what remains unaddressed, as it develops into the future.

The Department of Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, in conjunction with the Center for Women's Studies at the University of Bergen (Norway) and the Nordic Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, will present a small focused two day conference on October 19-20 addressing "The Future of Feminist Theory." While open to scholars and teachers, the conference will be directed primarily to graduate students, those who will carry feminist theory into the future. There will only be a limited number of places for graduate students, faculty and scholars from other universities, so be sure to register promptly (registration details and the conference program are forthcoming).

Confirmed speakers: Linda Alcoff (Syracuse University), Rey Chow (Brown University), Avital Ronnell (New York University), Ellen Mortensen (University of Bergen), Robyn Wiegman (Duke University), Mary Hawkesworth (Rutgers University), Ethel Brooks (Rutgers University), Elizabeth Grosz (Rutgers University), Kathleen Powers (PhD Student, Rutgers University), Sonja Thomas (ABD Student, Rutgers University), and Kelly Coogan (ABD Student, Rutgers University).

Please contact Elizabeth Grosz (egrosz@rci.rutgers.edu) for further details.

Future of Feminist Theory Program (Provisional)

Friday Ocober 19

10.15-10.30 Welcome and Opening Remarks

10.30-11.45 Robyn Wiegman (Duke University) "Knowing What We Mean"
Chair: Barbara Baillet

11.45-1.00 Mary Hawkesworth (Rutgers University) “Feminist Futures: Theorizing within a Geopolitical Frame”
Chair: Yana Rodgers

1.00-2.00 Lunch

2.00-3.15 Nikol Alexander-Floyd (Rutges University) “’Re-visioning' Black Liberation Politics: Reflections on the Contemporary Historiography on Women and Gender in the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements”
Chair: tba

3.15-4.45 Graduate Panel: Kelly Coogan (Rutgers University) "Academic Feminist Futures: Crescendos of Incommensurability?"; Anel Méndez Velázquez (Rutgers University) plus one other panelist.
Chair: Elizabeth Grosz

4.45- 5.00 Afternoon Tea/ Coffee

5.00-6.15 Avital Ronell (New York University) "What was Authority?"
Chair: tba

6.30-8.30 pm Dinner
8.30 - PARTY at the University Inn.

Saturday October 20

10.00-11.15 Ellen Mortensen (University of Bergen, Norway) "Will to Power in the Feminine"
Chair: Nicole Fermon

11.15-12.30 Rey Chow (Brown University) "What the Dog Doesn't Understand: Materialism, Agency and Feminist Theory."
Chair: Jasbir Puar

12.30-1.30 Lunch

1.30-2.45 Ethel Brooks (Rutgers University) “Gendered (Mis)Recognitions: Romanis, Sexualities and Nations”
Chair: Harriet Davidson

3.00-4.15 Elizabeth Grosz (Rutgers University) “The Future of Feminist Theory”
Chair: tba

4.15-4.30 Afternoon Tea/ Coffee

4.30-5.45 Linda Alcoff (Syracuse University) “Decentering Western Feminism”
Chair: Carlos Decena

5.45-6.30 pm Plenary/ Closing Panel
Chair: Elizabeth Grosz

*Registration for the conference is essential as we have limited seating available.
All papers will be presented in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, in the Ruth Dill Johnson Crockett Building, 162 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.
Conference registrants who require accommodation should book at the University Inn and Conference Center at Rutgers, 178 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, as soon as possible . Registrants who would prefer to billet with a graduate student from Women’s and Gender Studies Department please email conference organizer, Elizabeth Grosz .


Deadline for application: Sept. 1, 2007

Ten PhD students from the Nordic countries can participate in the conference.

Grant (from SKOK, Bergen University, and Nordic Research School):
7.500 NOK for travel, accommodation and meals.

Applications should be sent to Tone.Lund-Olsen@skok.uib.no
to Mette Bryld: mbry@galnet.dk
NO LATER than SEPT. 1.

Applications should be written in English and include
- name, affiliation, full address, e-mail, phone, fax
-name and affiliation of PhD supervisor
- brief CV
- description of PhD project (1-2 pages)
- motivation: why do you want to participate in the conference (1-2 pages)
- please, indicate if you are in the first/middle/last phase of your PhD research


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