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About Gender Studies - Our Story

vår berättelse

The Unit of Gender Studies was started in 1999 through special funding from the Swedish government.  Since 1999 the research and teaching staff has grown from 10 to over 30, and we have four full professorships, several associate/assistant professors/senior lecturers, and usually around 15 doctoral students and post docs.

The Unit is one of the biggest milieus for interdisciplinary gender research in the Nordic countries, and in collaboration with the Centre for Gender Studies at Karlstad University, and the Centre from Feminist Social Studies at Örebro University, the Unit of Gender Studies hosts the GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies. The GEXcel International Collegium is the permanent follow-up of the GEXcel Centre of Gender Excellence which was appointed and funded by the Swedish Research Council. Among other things, GEXcel International Collegium organizes a visiting scholars' programme, and it is the editorial basis for the Routledge book series Advances in Feminist Studies and Intersectionality

The Unit offers a four-year PhD degree programme in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, and in addition single PhD courses, among others organized as part of the InterGender Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, a partnership between several Swedish and International PhD programmes in Gender Studies. InterGender is coordinated from the Unit of Gender Studies.

Since 2009 the Unit has also offered undergraduate courses at in gender studies, and an international Master's programme in Gender Studies - Intersectionality and Change was launched in 2012.

The Unit of Gender Studies is engaged in collaboration with several other divisions, departments and institutions at Linköping University, among others the Division of Gender and Medicine (Faculty of Health Sciences), the Faculty of Educational Sciences and, and Forum for gender studies. Links to other Swedish Women's and Gender Studies centres/departments/units are cultivated via participation in regular national meetings and in the annual conferences of the National Secretariat for Gender Research in Sweden. Several of the units projects are based in international collaborations, and we are member of the ATGENDER – the European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation

Starting 2015, the Unit of Gender Studies is becoming the main actor a research collaboration revolving around environmental (post-)humanities: The Seed Box: an Environmental Humanities Collaboratory, funded by Swedish research agencies Mistra and Formas. This collaboration, which will entail visiting fellowships as well as research training initiatives, puts focus on green, gender aware humanities and posthumantities. Six Swedish and seven international partners are part of the consortium that runs the collaboration.

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