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Please note: Papers must not exceed 25 minutes. If you would like to use a power point presentation, please send it to your chair before the session so it can be uploaded onto the computer in the seminar room.


17th June


Session 1: 15:45 – 17:45



  1. Assemblages of precarities (Chair: Malena Gustavsson), Room: TEMCAS

Monica J. Casper: Lynching the Elephant: On Animality, Trauma, and the Racialized Spectacle

S. Pearl Brilmyer: Olive Schreiner’s relational metaphysics: Feminist and Anti-Racist Critique in From Man to Man

Vasilis Galis, Spyros Tzokas & Aristotle Tympas Policing technologies, European borders, dis/abled bodies



  1. Somatechnics of normalising and queering bodies in medical contexts I:  Normalising and queering bodies through surgical transformations (Chair: Marie-Louise Holm), Room: Tem21

Stefan Reinsch: Happy Heads: Distributed and tacit knowledge in the treatment of skull deformities

Daniela Crocetti: Queering chromosomes, some Italian patient group tales

Marie-Louise Holm: Public(ations of) private parts: Materialisations and meanings of genitals



  1. Somatechnics of the living: art, science, technology and non-human embodiment I: Somatechnologies of (non)human in/corporealities (Chair: Marietta Radomska), Room: Faros

Karla Mason: (Bio)Securing Life: Animal Disease and the Linguistic Framing of Risk, Biosecurity and Blame.

Edyta Just: Landscapes of the body-brain. On the human-posthuman crossroads.

Marietta Radomska: The twitching of life: Somatechnics of the non-living.



  1. Bodies That Do Not Fit? Fat Studies for Feminist, Queer and Postcolonial Research (Chairs: Katariina Kyrölä & Hannele Harjunen), Room: Parnassos

Katariina Kyrölä & Dr. Hannele Harjunen: Phantom/Liminal Fat and Feminist Theories of the Body

Jeannine A. Gailey: The Phenomenon of Hyper(in)visibility and the  Fat Female Body

Caroline Walters: Expanding Boundaries: Queering Fat Sexuality and BDSM Pornography



  1. Queer visualities: (Chair: Redi Koobak), Room: Asklepios

Redi Koobak: Touching across time:  decolonizing postsocialist feminist imaginaries

Wibke Straube: Technologies of Utopia: Magical Realism in Trans Cinema

Jörgen Skågeby: Forgetting in the future: design fiction and the (evil) link between perfect and failing memory



18th June


Session 2: 10:30 – 12:30



  1. Somatechnics of normalising and queering bodies in medical contexts II: De/generating racialised bodies (Chair: Marie-Louise Holm), Room: Tem21

Andrea Zittlau: Becoming white: Skin diseases and the black body in the nineteenth century

Peeter Tammeveski: When various somatechnics meet: sex, race, nation, and science in postcolonial Estonia in the 1920s.

Anna Bredström: The missing links between culture and biological psychiatry: Racialising the ’Neurochemical Self’



  1. Somatechnics of the living: art, science, technology and non-human embodiment II: Naturecultures: (Chair: Marietta Radomska), Room: TEMCAS

Astrida Neimanis: No representation without Colonization? Notes Towards a Transcorporeal Method

Malin Ah-King & Eva Hayward: Toxic sexes: Perverting pollution and queering hormone disruption

Marja Vehviläinen: Eating selves, naturecultures, and hierarchies of species



  1. Pussy activism I: (Chair: Malena Gustavson), Room: Parnassos

Leslie Sherlock: “…we have sex education in schools, but it’s not much about sex”: examining discourses and technologies of embodiment within sexuality education in Sweden and Ireland

Renita Sörensdotter: Vulvar pain and pussy power

Malena Gustavson: Matter in your face: pussy art politics



  1. Desire for dis/ability: (Chair: Michael Feely), Room: Hygeia

Sara Orning: Freakery embodied: Upsetting Victorian Norms in Katherine Dunn's Geek Love

Lin Pettersson: The (Neo)Victorian Fascination with the Disabled Body: Renegotiation Freak Status in Essie Fox’s Elijah’s Mermaid

Elina Vaahtera & Emmi Vähäpassi: The desire for disability as a cultural problem



  1. Un-packing the question(s): Post-colonial feminisms and the epistemology of gender (Nkolika Aniekwu), Room: Faros

Nkolika Ijeoma Aniekwu: Post Colonial Feminism, the Gender Agenda and ‘other’ Bodies in the Global South

Brendan Robert Drew: Unpacking the Thai State. Deconstructing the Thai gendered agenda silencing the sexual and stigmatising non-marital sexuality

Alyosxa Tudor: dis_possessing embodied be_longing, postcolonializing migration: analyses of genderism_racism_migratism



  1. Colonisation, decolonization, recolonisation: (Chair:  Jonathan Mitchell), Room:  Asklepios

Sarah Cefai: Who decolonizes whom? Speaking Positions between Postcolonial and Settler Colonial Subjectivities

Whitney Stark: Red Planet/Dark Continent

Anthony Faramelli: From the cracks in history: The Zapatista mask as a missing link between history and decolonized identity




Session 3: 15:00 – 17:00



  1. Somatechnics of normalising and queering bodies in medical contexts III: Materialising medicalised bodies_selves (Chair: Marie-Louise Holm), Room: Tem21

Ericka Johnson: Technologies of pathologising the normal LUTS/BPHs prostate

Karin Sellberg: The Medico-Colonisation of Self in Contemporary Literature

Katie Ann Hasson: Making Sense of Menstrual Suppression: What Does It Mean to Normalize Menstruation (and Its Absence)?



  1. Queer assemblages: (Chair: Margrit Shildrick), Room: Faros

Michael Feely: Intellectual Disability and the Sexual Surveillance Assemblage

Frida Beckman: Re/de Colonizing Pleasure: Between Asceticism and Affirmation

Libe García Zarranz: “I am your spy here, Your Terrorist, Find Me":  Cross-Border Assemblages in Dionne Brand's Poetry


  1. Soma silence/violence: (Chair: Lotta Samelius), Room: Asklepios

Goldie Osuri: Sovereignty as a missing link: Rape, Occupation & the Value of Decolonisation

Ashley Tellis: Rebuilding a feminist critique of rape

Lotta Samelius, Christa Binswanger, Suruchi Thaper-Björkert: ”I did what one shouldn't do, I met a new man shortly afterwards”: Violence and the Somatechnics of Silencing and Oppression



  1. Mattering voices (Chair: Magdalena Górska), Room: TEMCAS

David Azul: Unsettling the “human” voice – Reclaiming the “abject” voice. A fictocritical performance in nine movements

Magdalena Górska:  Breathing politics:  towards material-semiotic rethinking of intersectionality and power

Desireé Ljungkrantz: Composition No. HIV – a reading-listening-writing (text) performance



  1. Pussy activism II: (Chair: Malena Gustavson), Room: Hygeia

Erica Andersson Kanon: Towards a pussymology

Johanna Schorn: Pleasure in the Face of Guilt and Shame: Sex-Education for Teens at Scarleteen.com

Lisa Lindén: Distributing health responsibilities – Enacting HPV vaccination in practice



  1. Where be Dragons? Locating contemporary monsters (Chair: Line Henriksen), Room: Lethe

Donna McCormack: Hopeful Monsters: Decolonising Evolutionary Theories in Contemporary Fiction

Ingvil Hellstrand: “Almost the same, but not quite”: Passing and recognition in late modern science fiction

Line Henriksen: The Companionship of Monsters: Responding to the Curse of the Creepy Pasta



19th June


Session 4: 9:00 – 11:00



  1. De/recolonizing corporeal practices: (Chair: Frida Beckman), Room: Tem21

William Paul Simmons: Decolonizing corporeal joy

Olga Cielemecka: Deconstructing the soma/sematechnics

Jenny Sundén: Neo-Victorian Somatechnics: Time, Femininity, and Race Out of Joint



  1. Design and Technobodies (Chair:  Pat Treusch), Room: TEMCAS

Ulrica Dahl: Bionic blondes: Notes towards a somatechnics of (white) femininities

Magdalena Petersson McIntyre: All aboard: Looking for the missing link between women and boats

Lucie Dalibert: Neuromodolation Technologies as Somatechnologies – Remaking Bodies, Enacting Humanness



  1. Transimacies: Transgender, Animal, and Affect Studies (Chair: Eliza Steinbock), Room: Asklepios

Eliza Steinbock Tranimacies: On the Cuteness of Animated Deer, Birds, and Transgender Bodies

Marianna Szczygielska: Transpecies Encounters and the Traffic in Animals

Anthony Claire Wagner: Be(com)ing Other: Rereading the Alien Quadrilogy Films



  1. Gendered Embodiment and politics: (Chair:  Malena Gustavson), Room: Faros

Ulrike Klöppel: Biopolitics of gender change in socialism – the example of the German Democratic Republic

Erika Alm Make/ing room: The somatechnics of trans* organization in Pakistan

Dylan McCarthy Blackston: Biopoliticised apes and LGB(T) rights: Animating the Arcus Foundation’s Political Goals



  1. Transnational fertilisation: (Chair: Tara Mehrabi), Room: Lethe

Sigrid Vertommen: Colonizing the politics of reproduction in Israel-Palestine

Polina Vlasenko: From vulnerability to the ethics of care: meeting the body in the practice of IVF in Ukraine

Maria Temmes: “Finnish mice” and the question of the unnatural



Session 5: 13:15 – 15:15



  1. The Affective Somatechnics of Necro- and Biopower (Chair: Michael Nebeling Petersen), Room: Tem21

Michael Nebeling Petersen: To change in order to maintain - reconfigurations of the homosexual in Denmark

Mons Bissenbakker & Lene Myong: Missing Links of Attachment: Love and Disorder in Danish Debates on Transnational Adoption



  1. Disturbing im/materialities (Chair: Zita Farkas), Room: Asklepios

Ann-Sofie Lönngren: Is that material agency in the text? On literary interpretation and transdisciplinarity

Zita Farkas: Lost children: The Haunting Monstrosity of Parents in Mons Kallentoft’s Summertime Death and Midwinter Sacrifice

Erika Kvistad: Critical Bodies: Reading Through Desire in Brontë



  1. Towards a queer iconology (Chair: Victoria Mateos de Manuel), Room: Lethe

Victoria Mateos de Manuel: Philosophy of gesture: A queer feminist perspective

Katrin Köppert: Queer Ornaments of Pain in Albert Becker’s Amateur Photography

Ásta Kristín Benediktsdóttir  Disabled and vile bodies: the regulation of gender, class and desire in Elias Mar’s fiction



  1. Queering prosthetics: (Chair: Margrit Shildrick), Room: TEMCAS

Pat Treusch: Robots & us: Discussing anthropomorphism and prostheses in loops

Tove Solander: Dolldonics

Bettina Papenburg: In the eye of technology: Language as prosthesis



  1. Queering LGBT rights: (Chair: Malena Gustavson), Room: Faros

Pia Laskar: Deconstructing the somatechnics of sexual rights

Grace Bosibori Nyamongo: African sexualities: A Study of the Challenges Experienced by the LGBT People

Abraham Weil: Transgender revolution























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